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Rent a car in Culiacan Airport and enjoy the best places of Sinaloa Capital


Everyone who travel to the Sinaloa Capital knows to rent a car in Culiacan Airport is the best option to move, but we will tell you why. Firstly, to start a trip you have a necessity to adventure and discover new different places. Secondly, the car rental service in Culiacan is the best way for most travelers in Mexico, thanks to it is economy, comfort and safety.

Now, we invite you to read this post about how to rent a car in Culiacan Airport and to enjoy the top-rated tourist attractions in Sinaloa Capital without depending on third parties and limited schedules.


How to rent a car in Culiacan Airport easily and without complications?

Actually, car rental service in Culiacan is the perfect choice what you need in you next trip because Most of the travelers expect to move with total freedom and guaranteed safety to anywhere.

Therefore, to make use of the service, you need to enter to the website where will you find a form. You must select the place and fill the rest of requirements to concrete the booking. Then, you will choose the vehicle that best suits your preferences and needs.


All requirements what you need to rent a car in Culiacan Airport

These are the necessary requirements to make use car rental services in every agency in Mexico:

1- You must be legal age, and for the drivers who are between 18 and 25 years old, it is necessary to pay an additional charge of $ 10 dollars for each day of rent plus tax.

2- Current driver’s license.

3- Identification document or passport.

4- Credit card.

5- You must grant a deposit as part of the guarantee, which will be return back to you when the vehicle is returned to the agency.

Now, if you still have doubts, you can also get more information about car rental in Culiacan Sinaloa, by visiting our frequently asked questions page...


What to do in Culiacan in the next holydays?

In Mexico, Culiacan is well known by being city of the Tres Rios, its fertile lands, exquisite cuisine and the important historical buildings. Therefore, we talk about 3 wonderful tourist places in Culiacan what you should visit in your next vacation:


1- Puente Negro (Black Bridge)

Listed as one symbol of development, part of the city landscape and connection point, the Black Bridge is undoubtedly one of the must-see places on your trip to Culiacan. With more than 110 years of history, it was built in 1907 on the Culiacan River. Besides, this bridge has brought prosperity to the entire state of Sinaloa. It also has a great panoramic view of the city that will leave you fascinated.


2- San Antonio Waterfalls

San Antonio Waterfalls are just 45 minutes from the center of the city of Culiacan. This is one of the greatest natural attractions of Sinaloa, and are 3 waterfalls with great torrential water that impress every visitor. And if you like hiking, then you will have no problem in making the journey of approximately 2 kilometers, which will take you to the top, where you will have a panoramic view of the entire natural park.


3- The Fuerte de Sinaloa

The Fuerte de Sinaloa is one of these must-see places in your next adventure to Culiacan. It is located 300 kilometers north of the capital and is a mystic town with awesome nature, culture, history and impressing architecture wealth since it has a variety of monuments and buildings that are worth photographing.


Finally, to visit each of these landscapes in Sinaloa, it is necessary to have the freedom, economy and mobility security that only the car rental service in Culiacan can offer you.