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Rent a light-duty cargo van and solve your transportation and logistics needs.

With a capacity of 1.1 tons, our new transport vans are perfect for efficiently and comfortably transporting your cargo.

Mex Carga

Contact us and discover how MEX Carga can help make your delivery operations more profitable, fast, and reliable.

Mex Carga


Avoid capital expenditure on acquiring your transportation equipment.

Flexibility to rent or change vehicles as needed.

Vehicles in optimal conditions (compliant with standards and specifications).

License plates, inspections, and vehicle taxes included.

Forget about maintenance and insurance expenses.

24/7 roadside assistance.

Take your operation to another level with intelligence and flexibility: rent our transport vehicles through a pure leasing scheme.

Optimize your logistics, protect your capital, and manage your cash flow.


Volkswagen Transporter Units


Vehicles with excellent performance, equipped with a light and ultralight cargo capacity of up to 1,188 kilograms, 5.0 m3 of interior space, and a 110 Hp powerful engine.


Length: 7.3 feet

Width: 63.9 inches

Height: 1.39 meters

Capacity: 1.1 Tons.

Volume: 5.0 m3


  Units with continuous maintenance.
  Recent models in good condition.
  Protection plan and legal advice.
  Verified and insured units.
  Option for unit monitoring and cargo tracking.
  Operation reports, driving habits, and fuel performance.

How it works

  Maintenance costs covered.
  Preventive and corrective maintenance.
  Rental vehicles without a driver.
  Tire replacement (due to natural wear).
  Comprehensive insurance coverage.
  License plates and inspections (if applicable).

Rent with MEX Carga and enjoy the benefits for as long as you need. Whether it's by day, month, or year, you set the term, and we adapt.

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Allow us to learn more about your business and your transportation needs. Our team is ready to assist you to find the perfect solution for you. For now, we have units available in the city of Guadalajara, Mexico.

mexc carga
You can contact us via WhatsApp and get instant answers to your questions.
mexc carga
You can contact us via WhatsApp and get instant answers to your questions.