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Queretaro International Airport
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Querétaro, QRO. 76270.

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Querétaro: Industrial Growth and Natural Experiences


Queretaro is one of those places in Mexico that you fall in love with due to its many attractions. Either natural or modern, those locations are visited by thousands of tourists every year. Even though Queretaro is not the most mentioned city of Mexico (Cancun or Acapulco, for example), it should be part of your next trip to this beautiful country.

It’s known that the current cities of Mexico were cradle of different indigenous groups some centuries ago. In this specific case, it is evident since it represents the name of the city and the state. The name of Queretaro has several translations with different origins from indigenous ethnies, as one of them comes from the Purepecha and means “Place of big stones” and the another from the nahualt and it is translated as “Place were the ball was played”, which points out the importance of the Mayan tradition of Ball game, and allows us to know a bit more about this relevant pre-Hispanic civilization.


This state is also an example of economic and industrial growth in Mexico during the last years, since the establishment of national and transnational industries of commerce, services and, lately, the aerospace sector.

Once you know this information, it’s important to check some of the places you should visit in Queretaro, not only the city, but also the whole state.


Peña de Bernal

A special point for adventurous people, because it’s a big mountain visited by climbers from around the world. In order to explore this place, it’s not necessary for you to have high physical resistance, but it’s recommended for experienced people in this kind of sports.

On the other hand, Bernal is one of the Magic Towns of Mexico, that means it’s perfect to enjoy a calm environment with special energy. Its people are incredibly kind and the nature makes it ideal for leaving the daily routine behind. So, Peña de Bernal is more than a gorgeous landscape with many mysteries and beautiful people.



Not for nothing Mexico is visited for thousands of travelers every year, and Cadereyta is one of its treasures. Surrounded by nature, this place offers many natural attractions, located in the entry of the Sierra Gorda of Queretaro, it’s perfect to connect with the environment rich in ecosystems, between a semi-desert and the water.

There you can practice sport fishing, climbing, trekking or simply spending your days admiring the landscape.


Wine Stroll

Another activity that has promoted the commercial growth of this zone is wine bottles’ production, so many visitors use to take wine strolls around producing houses, to taste wine and to know the processing of wine.   


Now you know a bit more about this place, you may be asking: is it recommended to rent a car in Queretaro?

The answer is yes. Due to if you expect to visit the places mentioned before and others, without depending on public transport, cabs or Uber (which would result very expensive), our advice is renting a car in Queretaro directly in the airport, so you’ll have your car waiting once you arrive to move everywhere with any limitation. 

The good news is that using our website you can book the car you need in Queretaro. These are the requirements:

  • Driving License.
  • Passport o ID.
  • Being older than 18 years old.
  • Credit Card once you get the car.
  • Payment of a deposit that will be return at the end.

In case you have more questions, you can visit our FAQ section, with useful information about insurance, what to do in case of emergency, payments and more. Besides, you can use our attention lines through email or the contact numbers at the beginning of this page.