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Enjoy Guadalajara to the fullest: art, culture, and fun.


Jalisco is recognized worldwide for the warmth of its people, its history, tequila, and mariachi. Its capital, Guadalajara, is a vibrant city that attracts travelers from all over the world for its wide range of cultural activities, diversity of pueblos magicos, gastronomy, and nightlife. We have three offices in this city, so you can rent a car wherever you want. You can find us in Colonia Chapalita, 5 minutes away from the Minerva, at the international airport, or at Americas Avenue, 2 blocks away from the Colón traffic circle.


Some of the main things we recommend you do and visit are the following:


Chapultepec and its surroundings

Chapultepec Avenue and its surroundings are known for being vibrant and lively neighborhoods. Along this avenue, you can find bars, restaurants, cafés and nightclubs, so whatever your taste, we are sure there will be a place for you. 

On Saturdays, starting at 6 o'clock, you can find the walkway full of different stalls with different items, including handicrafts, semi-precious stones, jewelry, some edible products, and clothes, among other items. During the week, there are also some activities, such as dance classes, in this space, so it is perfect for walking with family or friends. 

In the surroundings of this avenue, the offer of cafés, restaurants, and bars extends along the Americana neighborhood, the famous Santa Tere neighborhood, and all the way to the Expiatorio temple. In the colonia Americana, you can visit some local art galleries, cafés with a selection of beans, enjoy the night in a bar, and even take a walk around the Expiatorio, where you will find a variety of food stalls selling tamales, tacos, vegan food, desserts, and garnachas on Sundays. 

The Expiatorio temple is a neo-gothic style church dedicated to the Blessed Sacrament. Its construction took about 75 years and was completed in 1972. One of its most emblematic elements is the clock and musical carillon. This consists of 25 bells with different musical works that accompany the pilgrimage of some saints of the Catholic Church. Currently, it works in a programmed way, and you can observe these figures when the bells ring at night, usually around 9 p.m.


Museums, art, and culture

The main cities of the metropolitan area have a wide variety of cultural offerings, from galleries and museums to exhibitions of independent artists. Some museums we recommend you visit are:

  • MUSA (Guadalajara University Museum of Arts): Initially founded with the objective of highlighting the work of José Clemente Orozco as part of the cultural heritage of Jalisco, Nowadays, it is one of the main museums of the city that promotes exhibitions of national and international contemporary art. Located next to the Expiatorio. Admission to the museum is free.
  • MURA (Raúl Anguiano Museum): Located 2 minutes from Chapultepec Avenue, it is dedicated to safeguarding and exhibiting the work of Raúl Anguiano, painter, muralist, and engraver born in Guadalajara. It also has some local, national, and international temporary exhibitions. Admission to the museum is free.
  • MAZ (Museum of Art of Zapopan): Located next to the Basilica of Zapopan, it is one of the museums known for its wide range of artistic works and contemporary art exhibitions. In addition, it opens a dialogue between the public and artists through talks and workshops that invite reflection and personal thought. Admission to the museum is free.
  • Cabañas Museum: Located in the Hospicio Cabañas you will find an exhibition of art collections, as well as temporary exhibitions. In the old Hospicio Cabañas you can appreciate murals by José Clemente Orozco, especially the well-known Man of Fire. The cost of general admission is approximately 80 pesos.
  • Regional Museum of Ceramics: Located in Tlaquepaque, this museum has a selection of handicrafts dating from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. In this museum, they are in charge of rescuing, preserving, and promoting the creation of handicrafts in the state through the materials and techniques of local artisans.


Some of the galleries we also recommend you visit are:

  • Casa ITESO Clavigero: It has temporary exhibitions and an area where dialogue is opened through presentations by local, national, and international artists and artisans. This space was designed by architect Luis Barragán and named Casa González Luna. 
  • Curro Gallery: located in the famous Santa Tere neighborhood, 5 minutes from Chapultepec Avenue. This gallery has exhibitions of local contemporary art that attract national and international audiences of all kinds.


Santa Tere Neighborhood

Around parish of Santa Teresita del Niño Jesus is one of the most famous neighborhoods in Guadalajara. Some know it for the Karnes Garibaldi, the tacos juan, the tianguis on Sundays, or for being a neighborhood where you can get everything, a good cobbler, piñata store, party decorations, and many other things. 

We recommend, in addition to what we already mentioned, that you try the carne en su jugo from Kamilos 333, take a walk to the market and buy a chocomilk or have breakfast at one of the stalls there, and if you can, take a walk to the tianguis on Sundays, where you can find birria, fried quesadillas, endless food, and delicious garnachas. 


What to do in Tlaquepaque?

Known for its colorful streets, handicrafts and vibrant atmosphere, Tlaquepaque is a must on your visit to Guadalajara, and is located within the Metropolitan Zone, a 30-minute drive from the Guadalajara Cathedral.

Start with a walk through its colorful streets and enjoy the architecture of the downtown area, where you will find typical restaurants and ceramic galleries of the highest quality. We recommend entering the Regional Museum of Ceramics, dedicated to showcasing the pottery heritage of Jalisco and Mexico.

In Tlaquepaque, there are many typical Mexican food restaurants, where you can spend the afternoon to the sound of a mariachi and taste typical dishes and drinks from Guadalajara. Some of the most famous are El Parian, Casa Luna, El Patio, and El Abajeño.

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