Mex Rent a Car Opens in Iceland

Mex Rent a Car has launched in Iceland by opening an affiliate location at Keflavik International Airport. This new location in Iceland’s capital city of Reykjavik helps Mex Rent a Car continue its expansion in Europe.
“We are so excited to have found a great affiliate for this amazing country,” said Jordi Rivero, Mex’s chief product officer.

Guoni Gunnarsson, the manager of the affiliate location, said, "We are really excited to start working with the Mex guys."

“Iceland is a country that has been a disruptive leader, socially, economically and politically,” said Javier Garcia, Mex’s chief business development officer. “For Mex Rent a Car, it’s important to have presence in such a beautiful and exotic country and be able to exchange progressive ideas.”


Taken from Auto Rental News:

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