Do you know how to rent a car in Cozumel easily?

There is nothing better than having the freedom of move around without worrying about time or physical constraints. Most people used to travel to Cozumel or Cancun and arrived only to find taxis, tourist buses and a few available transportation options… Today, we have the solution for all tourists. Mex Rent a Car offers you the best rent a car service in Cozumel. You will not worry about anything besides getting to incredible places in the Quintana Roo State. Here is what you need to know to book our service.

Let´s begin!

We have two locations in Cozumel

1- Cozumel Airport: if you want to visit Cozumel Island, you can locate us in Antonio González Fernandez Cozumel Airport. It is very simple, you will not have to move to any other place to get your car.

2- Cozumel Allegro Hotel: if you want to arrive to the island by Ferry, you can find us in South Coastal Highway Km 16 of Cozumel, specifically in front of the Allegro Hotel.

To rent a car in Cozumel it is necessary to have some documents with you

To rent a car in Cozumel Airport or at the Allegro Hotel location, you must have these documents: Driver’s license, identification document or passport and a credit card, this last one is necessary to sign a contract with us.

Remember that if you want to rent a car, you can do it through our website for our two locations, Cozumel Airport and Cozumel Allegro Hotel. And for those who wish to receive more information, you can call us and we will answer all your doubts through the following number: +52 (33) 4624 2114.

What type of vehicles can you rent in Cozumel locations?

Mex Rent a Car offers a great variety of vehicles in our two locations, but we recommend you to rent a van in Cozumel, for example, you will be able to choose among full-size manual van, automatic midsize and minivan, we also count with automatic compact cars for special occasions.

If you want another kind of vehicle, we can offer you 4x4 Suv’s, you just have to indicate in your reservation, which model you need and we will make it possible.

Now you know where to rent a car and what you need with Mex Rent a Car, let’s talk about the incredible places you cannot miss in Cozumel Island.

What touristic locations can you visit in Cozumel?

San Miguel de Cozumel

This city is the biggest in all Cozumel and is one of the most ancient cities of all Quintana Roo State and it was founded in 1518. If you like watersports, you will have fun in the San Miguel bays practicing snorkeling, diving, windsurf and/or kitesurf.

The Cedral

This is a small community in Cozumel known for its history, culture and traditions. Every year, it celebrates a festival in memory of Casimiro Cardenas. This man survived the Castas war massacre, in which the Mayan peasants clashed to State Government in 1847. If you like history, here you´ll find a lot to discover.

Dolphinaris Cozumel

In the Dolphinaris Cozumel thematic park, you will be able to interact with dolphins in the water. This park is located in the middle of Caribbean Sea, and it has spectacular areas to enjoy the sun.

San Francisco Beach

San Francisco Beach is one of the most visited beaches in all Cozumel. You will find in it fine white sand, crystal clear water and fresh breeze. And if you rather, you can get in transparent boats to admire from above the beauty of its marine wildlife.

Arrecifes de Cozumel National Park

This great natural park is well known by its huge reef barrier called “Gran Cinturón de Arrecifes del Atlántico Occidental” or “Gran Arrecife Maya”. These natural reserves are very important to the ecological support of the whole region, allowing research for the preservation, conservation, education and monitoring of marine species. Because they are the second largest coral reef system in the world, it is a snorkeler’s paradise.

If you like to know more about this “must see sites” feel free to go to our locations. We expect you to visit these wonderful places with the aid of Mex Rent a Car services.


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