How's the Inclusive Rate that Mex Rent a Car offers?

When we talk about an inclusive rate we mean that on our website the rate already includes coverage against car damages (CDW) and damages to third party (RLP).

It is important to understand what each coverage means; therefore, we would like to explain it here:

  • RLP: Coverage against damages to third parties up to $750,000.00 MXN. This means that covers damages you may cause to third party vehicles and/or properties up to such amount.
  • CDW: Coverage against collision damages, with a 10% deductible. This is the coverage you have on the car you are driving and you, as the driver, will be only responsible for the deductible mentioned. The 10% deductible is on the commercial value of the car. If the damage is less than the 10% of the commercial value of the car, you will only be charged for the damage repair.

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