An innovative way to rent: MEX's new office in Cancun

In 2017, a robot designed to assist passengers with check-in, luggage tag printing, and baggage transportation was presented at the Mexico City Airport. Users who tested the prototype were pleasantly surprised and satisfied with the solutions it offered. This example illustrates what we know well in MEX: any technological improvement focused on customer satisfaction will always be welcome.

For many years, we have believed that the way car rentals are done can and should be improved. That is why we have built a new MEX office at Cancun Airport with a clear goal: to enhance the rental experience and make it more enjoyable, comfortable, and efficient. The inauguration of our new module is approaching, and we are confident that you will be pleasantly surprised.


Simple and in one single place

These are some of the features that this new check-in will have. Firstly, we've unified the entire rental process in one single place, including the contract opening module, the pick-up spot and the return of the vehicle. We've also expanded and modernized all areas and services, including the addition of more counters to simultaneously provide service to a greater number of customers.


Innovations that make a difference

On the other hand, we're incorporating more technology to enhance the customer experience. For example, Wi-Fi has been optimized to provide effective connection from any spot in the office, and we've implemented a digital queue system to avoid unnecessary and tiring waiting times. We've also installed modern air conditioning systems, and soon we'll have a latter-day car wash tunnel to speed up and improve the cleaning of the vehicles.


Designed to give you quality experiences

As for the design, our new office will have a spacious double-height area to create a more comfortable and welcoming environment. We'll also have a photo spot allusive to the city of Cancun, so our customers can enjoy while they're handed over the rental car. Additionally, we're building a cafeteria and a courtyard surrounded by vegetation for our customers to relax and enjoy their experience in Cancun from the very beginning.


In summary, at MEX Rent A Car, we strive to make the rental process more comfortable and efficient, and that's why we've built this new office at Cancun Airport. We want our customers to enjoy their trip to the fullest from the very beginning. With all the new features we've incorporated, we're sure that the new check-in will be a pleasant surprise for all our customers. Stay tuned to our social media to learn everything about the opening of this space.

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