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Tijuana Cross Border Xpress (CBX)
2745 Otay Pacific Drive Suite O,
San Diego, CA. 92154.

From México +52 (33) 4624 2114
Local +1 (61) 9323 3100


Monday to Sunday 07:00 am to 02:00 am

Cross Border Xpress Car Rental: the service you need to have the trip you expect


At the moment we decide to travel, it’s very important to know some information that will make the trip easier, such as transportation methods and its services, airports, attention spots and emergency numbers.

This time, we want to talk about the Cross Border Xpress, which you should use if you arrive from or to Tijuana airport in Mexico. Due to it is the first airport terminal that belongs to both countries, (Mexico and USA), it’s worthy to consider some aspects very useful for your trip. 


What’s the Cross Border Xpress?

It is an exclusive bridge of Tijuana Airport, in Mexico, so users can cross from Mexico to USA or vice versa, that’s why it is considered a binational bridge. Therefore, it’s a border post such as San Ysidro and Otay Meza California, but the difference is that, this one is exclusively a pedestrian walkway for users of the airport.


Which documents are required to cross the CBX?

The documents you need to cross, depend on if you are arriving or leaving Mexico or USA.

Crossing to Mexico:

  • Current passport (For foreigners)
  • ID, INE credential, birth certificate or Mexican nationality certificate. (For Mexicans)
  • Boarding pass (For the next 24 hours)
  • CBX ticket
  • FMM (“Forma Migratoria Multiple”, for foreigners)
  • Payment of migratory rights (in case you are staying more than 7 days, for foreigners)

Crossing to United States:

  • Nationals: Passport, Boarding Pass, CBX Ticket.
  • Foreigners: Passport, Visa, Boarding pass, CBX Ticket.
  • I-94 permit (If you are planning to travel more than 25 miles from the border, or you are staying longer than 30 days).


How much does it cost to cross CBX?

The cost for crossing in one way is $16.00 USD and the round trip is $30.00 USD, you can pay at the ticket windows or use the CBX website to fill the form.


Transport in CBX

After you cross the Bridge, the transport won’t be a problem, due to there are different options according what your preferences are and your budget. You can use the CBX Shuttle, Uber and Lyft. And in case you want more comfort, you can rent a car Cross Border Xpress San Diego.


Cross Border Xpress Car Rental

Depending on the reason of your trip, renting a car could be the best choice, due to it is the most accessible way to move from the border post. That’s why we have an agency there, so once you cross the bridge you will have a car waiting for you.


Advantages of renting a car at CBX San Diego

  • First, to make use of the CBX Bridge is beneficial for those who want to travel by road to cities in the Western United States, like San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco… since they can rent a car without any difficult.
  • Second, you can save a lot of money and time. So, this service is different from the other kind of ground transportation.
  • Third, you avoid making long lines as in the most other International Airports, because renting a vehicle at CBX is very easy in Mexico and United States.
  • The fourth advantage is that you can count on the Car rental San Diego at both ends of the CBX.
  • As the fifth benefit, when you want to do a trip on wheels, you have the best option available only in Mex Rent a Car, due to we can offer you the comfort and freedom of the rental car service.


These are the requirements and conditions to rent a vehicle in the CBX

Our service in San Diego and Tijuana is well differentiated from the competition because we can guarantee you quality, economy, comfort, freedom of movement. Therefore, these are the essential requirements and conditions that you need to make use Cross Border Xpress car rental service:

1- You must be legal age. For the all drivers who are between 21 and 25 years old, it is necessary to deposit an additional charge of $10.00 dollars for each day of rent plus tax.

2- Current driver’s license.

3- Identification document, passport, or Visa if it is necessary.

4- Credit card to concrete the booking.

5- You must grant a deposit as part of the guarantee, which will be return back to you when the vehicle is returned to the agency.


Our FAQ section

If you want to know how to rent a car in Cross Border Xpress, you can visit our FAQ section where you will find all the information you need to rent a car. Now, if you still have doubts, you can consult this section with specific questions broken down as follows:

  • Reservations
  • Rent and Rates
  • Insurances and Add-ons
  • During My Rental
  • After My Rental

Contact us!

Also, you can access our customer service center, that will be available 24 hours a day, where you can contact us through the following phone number +52 (33) 4624 2114. Also, you can contact our team through our website chat or write to the following email: atencion@mexrentacar.com.


As you can see, you can properly use the Cross Border Xpress car rental service and move freely, comfortably and economically with Mex Rent a Car.