Cross Border Xpress Terms & Conditions


After crossing the CBX control, you will find our Mex Rent A Car booth. An uniformed agent will walk you to your vehicle. You can also call directly to the local office 619-591-9150 for more information.


The following policy is applicable to all Southern California Residents.

  • Two forms of I.D. with matching names one must have a picture to verify identity (D.L., Passport, State I.D., Costco Card, Name embossed on Credit Card).
  • Two major credit cards under the primary renter’s name. (no prepaid cards accepted).
  • Current proof of insurance at the time of pickup.
  • Current Utility Bill with matching address to the license (can be a digital form of the bill).
  • Mileage limitations and geographical restrictions.
  • A refundable deposit required of $1000.00 USD on top of the rental.

These policies are to remain in effect during the COVID-19 outbreak.


There is no charge for additional drivers.


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Minimum age is 21. A charge of $19.99 USD per day plus taxes applies to renters between 21 and 25 years old.


If your booking was confirmed through the website or through our Call Center at +52 (33) 4624 2114, please use the same channel to request your cancellation. If your booking was confirmed through a third-party website (broker, online travel agency, etc.) please use the same third-party website to request your cancellation. Some third-party sites have cancellation fees if the booking is not cancelled within certain period of time. Mex Rent A Car will not be responsible for such cancellation fees.


An additional Credit/Debit Card approval (Deposit) will be required in addition to the rental payment. Required deposit is based on the type of vehicle selected. $150.00 USD for categories Mini, Economic, Compact, MidSize. $200.00 USD for categories Standard, FullSize, Premium, Luxury, Compact SUV, MidSize SUV, Standard SUV, Specialty Sport, Compact Convertible, MiniVan, MidSize Van, Specialty Convertible, All Terrain, PickUp. $300.00 USD for categories FullSize SUV, Premium SUV, FullSize Van.

U.S. and International Credit/Debit Cards are accepted for Deposits (Visa, MasterCard, American Express). Local customers must grant the deposit with a major Credit Card. Debit Cards are not accepted for local renters. No Cash deposits are accepted.

Unused funds will be returned through the credit card processor after vehicle return. Due to bank processing, it can take between 2 to 5 business days to appear in the Customers account when using this form of payment. If a Debit Card was used to provide the deposit, it can take up to 14 days for a credit to appear on Customers account. Mex Rent a Car will not be responsible for any returned checks or insufficient fund charges or bank fees related to this process.


All drivers must present a valid drivers license during pick up. The license must have more than 1 year of usage and be in roman alphabet.


Due fluctuations on the currency exchange rate, have in mind that the total charged on your credit card might differ from the total displayed on our website. The difference (if any) will depend on the currency exchange rate between the moment when the booking was made and the moment when the charge is reflected on your credit card statement. On the event we have to refund any amount to your account, we will refund the exact same amount charged originally and we will not be responsible for any currency fluctuation that may occur and that results in a higher or lower refund than the one expected.


Vehicles must be returned with the same amount of fuel as at the start of rental to avoid refueling charges.


The vehicles cannot be driven outside the United States. However, you may cross between the states of California, Nevada and Arizona only. Please ask for more information at the rental counter. Our vehicles have U.S. plates.


Reservations will be honored for a period of 6 hours after the confirmed pick up date and time. After this period, we cannot guarantee the reserved vehicle, but you can be sure we will do everything in our power to provide you with a vehicle.


You will be able to select one of the following policies at time of rental. Mex Rent a Car highly recommends that all customers select insurance to help protect them against personal liability. The following insurances, protections and waivers are optional:

Renter Liability Protection (RLP): Or Third Party Liability is an insurance that compensates for personal injury or property damage. This person is a third party, or other than the policy holder and it does not cover the rental car for any partial or total damage or theft. The State of California requires a Liability insurance for al vehicles when transiting in the state.

RLP insurance is not included in the rental rate, you can provide your own through a personal insurance or you can add it at the counter for an additional cost. If you bring your own policy to the counter, here are the following requirements:

  • It must cover in California state for at least the minimum required by law.
  • The policy must be available to cover a rental vehicle
  • Policy must match the name of the main driver.

Please check the Southern California Resident requirements section if you are a local renter. This requirements must be also matched.

We also offer this insurance at the counter with all the coverage required by the state. You can add it directly to the reservation on our webpage or upon arrival. RLP is $16.99 USD per day plus taxes.

Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI): Is an optional coverage that protects the rentee against third party liability claims as a result of an accident while the rentee was operating the rental auto. SLI provides excess coverage over the underlying insurance/or self insured statutory limits required in the executed and signed rental agreement. SLI DOES NOT PROVIDE PRIMARY LIABILITY COVERAGE TO THE RENTEE. SLI covers the difference up to $1,000,000 CSL in excess of the limits of liability provided by all underlying insurance available or statutory limits. SLI is $11.84 USD per day plus taxes.

Loss Damage Waiver (LDW): Limits the client's liability on the leased vehicle to a 0% deductible on the commercial value of the unit, in case of total loss or total theft. LDW has a cost of $25.00 USD per day plus taxes. Applies to the following categories: ECAR (Kia Rio or Similar), CCAR (Hyundai Accent or Similar), ICAR (Hyundai Elantra or Similar), SCAR (Nissan Sentra or Similar), FCAR (Nissan Altima or Similar), MFAR (Hyundai Venue or Similar), CFAR (Nissan Kicks US or Similar), SFAR (Nissan Rogue or Similar), FFAR (Jeep Grand Cherokee or Similar), IFAR (Kia Seltos or Similar), MVAR (Chrysler Voyager or Similar), IVAR (Kia Sedona or Similar).

Loss Damage Waiver (LDW2): Limits the customer's liability on the leased vehicle to a 0% deductible on the market value of the unit, in case of total loss or total theft . LDW2 has a cost of $35.00 USD per day plus taxes. Applies to special categories: PFAR (Chevrolet Suburban or similar), SFBR (Jeep Compass or similar), FFBR (Jeep Grand Cherokee 4x4 or similar) and SJAR (Jeep Wrangler or similar).

Personal Accident Insurance/Personal Effects Coverage (PAI/PEC) : Please ask our agent at the counter for further information about this insurance. PAI/PEC is $4.99 USD per day plus taxes.

Roadside Assistance (RSA) : Please ask for a copy of our RSA brochure at the rental counter. RSA is $3.99 USD per day plus taxes.


Unlimited mileage. Local Renters must have a major credit card in their name to rent (not a Debit Card) and are restricted to 150 miles free per day, any mile after that will be charged at $0.40.


If evidence of smoking is present in the vehicle, customers will incur a Smoke Cleaning Fee of $250.00 USD, de-smoking requires the vehicle to be taken out of service for up to 24 hours, therefore a Smoke Cleaning Fee of $250.00 USD will apply when evidence of smoking is present. 


One way rentals are available, a drop-off charge may apply.

It is possible to cross border from USA to Mexico with the following specifications:


  • In order to drop off the vehicle from California to Mexico, customers must add a loss damage waiver  to the reservation and comply with the rental requirements. The drop off charge will vary depending on the location where the vehicle will be returned. 


  • In order to drop off the vehicle from California to Mexico, customers must have a valid driver’s license from the USA, comply with the main terms and conditions (including the California resident restrictions), and add at the counter the full cover insurance required to transit in Mexico. The drop off charge will vary depending on the location where the vehicle will be returned.


Rates that are impacted by a website technical issue, database issue or other means will not be honored by the location if the rate display was inaccurate due to a technical issue or tampering issue to change the rate display.


Children under the age of 4 are required to travel in Child seats. There is a charge of $12.99 USD per day plus taxes for child seats. If the seat is not returned in the same condition, less normal wear and tear as received, a cleaning fee will be assessed. If the seat is damaged, a repair or replacement charge will apply.

Hotspot units are available for rent at $14.00 USD per day plus taxes. This device provides internet access. Please ask for details at time of rental.



E-Tolls service is available for $15.00 USD plus taxes per day. This service provides you with unlimited use for exclusive toll lanes within California.

In case the toll lanes are used without this service added to the rental agreement, you will incur in a penalization of $25.00 USD plus taxes each time a toll lane is used.

For further information, please ask our agents at the counter.


The following are accepted for payment: Credit/Debit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express). We do NOT accept cash, travelers checks or pre-paid cards for any type of payment. U.S. Debit Cards must have your name on it. Local Renters must have a major credit card in their name to rent (not a Debit Card) and are restricted to 150 miles free per day, any mile after that will be charged at $0.40.


Vehicles must be returned without damage and in clean condition to avoid a cleaning fee. Excessive pet hair, soiling or damage caused by animals will result in an extra cleaning charge. Extra cleaning charges range from $100.00-$250.00 USD depending on the additional time needed to clean the vehicle and whether the vehicle needs to be taken out of service for cleaning. 


Mex Rent A Car reserves the right not to deliver the vehicle if it considers that the driver is not able to drive or if driver does not comply with the rules described on these terms, even if the booking has been pre-paid. Therefore, it is very important that you familiarize the terms and the documents that need to be presented at pick up. For more information, please contact us at +52 (33) 4624 2114.


This policy covers how we use your personal information. We take your privacy SERIOUSLY and will take all measures to protect your personal information.
What Information Do We Collect?
We only collect information that we need that is related to your order. This includes your:
Billing Address
Shipping Address
Email Address
Credit Card Information
In addition we also collect information on your IP address, browser type, and Refer URL data. We use this data to prevent hacking attempts, help us know what web browsers people are using, and find out where our visitors are coming from so that we can improve our marketing.
How Is My Information Used?
Your information is only used to fill your order. We do not sell or redistribute your information to ANYONE.
Security and Storage
Only your order data billing, shipping, and order contents data is stored on our server. This information is encrypted using a Secure Sockets Layer before it is transmitted over a web server. We do not store your Credit Card data.
Cookies and Browser Information
Cookies are small files that reside on your computer and allow us to recognize you on your next visit or store your shopping cart contents. We use them only to track this information.


EARLY/LATE RETURN: Your confirmed rental rate applies only to the exact reservation period specified. Returning the vehicle early or keeping the vehicle past the confirmed return date subjects you to an additional charge:

  • Early Return: An additional charge of $25.00 USD plus taxes will apply.
  • Later Return: An additional charge of $30.00 USD plus taxes will apply.

If you required an extension, please notify to our call center +52 (33) 4624 2114. MULTIPLE or DUPLICATE RESERVATIONS: If you require multiple vehicles for the same or overlapping time periods, please make sure to use a different name for each reservation, otherwise the duplicate name reservations will be automatically cancelled. Mex Rent a Car will not be responsible for any cancelled reservations.


How to request a refund
1. Please email to request a refund and we will assign you a tracking #.
2. Include in your email the following information: Rental agreement number or booking number, full name and the reason of your request.
Refund Exceptions
There will be no refund if the refund is not requested 48 hours before the pick-up date and time of the original booking.