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What to Do in Tuxtla? Rent a Car and Enjoy Chiapas.


Tuxtla Gutiérrez is the capital of Chiapas and a popular city with lots of things to do in the surrounding area. The best way to experience it is by renting a car. The natural and cultural richness of Chiapas will continually surprise you in every place you visit on your trip.

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Excursions and Ecotourism

Due to its natural richness, Chiapas is the perfect place for ecotourism activities and connecting with nature. It is one of Mexico's states with the most green areas. Here are some of the activities you can do during your visit to Tuxtla:


Sumidero Canyon

The Sumidero Canyon National Park covers more than 21,000 hectares of territory across 5 districts in Chiapas. It's cliffs reach up to 1,000 meters and rise above the Grijalva River. Located 45 minutes from Tuxtla.

You can visit this natural wonder in two different ways: by boat or by hiking along its viewpoints. If you like outside activities, you can go to the park and try mountain biking, kayaking in the river, or rappelling.

The boat ride starts from the Chicoasén Dam and lasts between 2 to 3 hours. The cost depends on the type of boat and the number of people, ranging from 200 to 600 pesos per person.

The route of the 6 viewpoints extends 17 km through the Sumidero Canyon. It costs around $50 pesos per person, and the hours are from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.

The route starts at La Ceiba viewpoint. It then passes through La Coyota, El Roblar, Tepehuaje, and Los Chiapa. Los Chiapa is the highest point to see the vastness of Sumidero Canyon. Finally, the route ends at Atalaya viewpoint.


Sima de las Cotorras

About 1.5 hours by car from Tuxtla, you'll arrive at Sima de las Cotorras. "El Ocote" Biosphere Reserve has a water pool like cenotes, but instead of water, there's a tropical forest. The species of animals and plants inside are different from those outside, as the exterior is drier and more rocky.

At Sima de las Cotorras, you can do guided tours to see birds, hike, rappel, walk, and camp. The entrance costs 20 pesos per person, and the cost of activities depends on what you want to do. If you want to camp, the space costs 50 pesos per person and includes bathrooms. There are also cabin lodging options for 250 pesos per person, providing an economical lodging choice in Tuxtla.


El Chiflón

Nearly 3 hours by car from Tuxtla, you'll find El Chiflón. It's a chain of waterfalls formed by the San Vicente River, with several falls, the tallest being 120 meters. The entire route is easy to navigate and perfect for a morning with family or friends. The waterfalls are:

  • El Suspiro (25 meters)

  • Ala de Ángel (30 meters)

  • Velo de Novia (120 meters)

  • Arcoiris (53 meters)

  • Quinceañera (60 meters)

The water's color is spectacular, and the pools formed are perfect for cooling off on a hot afternoon. El Chiflón entrance is 30 pesos per person and includes a museum to learn about local plants and animals.


Agua Azul Waterfalls

A 3.5-hour drive from San Cristóbal de las Casas awaits the Agua Azul Natural Park. It's a series of rapids and river falls that also create natural pools with transparent turquoise waters.

Here you can swim in calm waters or engage in activities like whitewater rafting. In the surrounding areas of the waterfalls, you can go hiking and even join photography tours for flora and fauna. The jungle landscape and the contrast of the waters will leave you speechless.

Visit waterfalls from November to May. Entrance costs about 50 pesos per person.


San Cristóbal de las Casas

Known as the cultural capital of Chiapas, located 1 hour from Tuxtla in the highlands of Chiapas. You can start by walking through the center of this magical town to discover its beautiful and imposing cathedral.

What better way to get to know a place than through its food? Try local dishes like turkey in mole sauce, chalupas, adobo pork ribs, and other traditional foods. The dishes of a place always reflect its culture and history.

San Cristóbal de las Casas is a place where you can learn about the traditions of the indigenous communities. Its rich cultural heritage is well-known, and you can experience these traditions firsthand.

Throughout the town, visitors can encounter indigenous people dressed in colorful, intricate garments, representing a diverse array of cultures. The town's vibrant festivals, dances, and ceremonies give us a glimpse into these ancient traditions that generations have preserved.

Visit Na Bolom, a museum that focuses on studying and preserving the indigenous culture of the Lacandon Jungle in Chiapas. It features exhibitions of textiles and Mayan objects. Within this space, Na Bolom also has a nursery and a hotel.

San Cristóbal de las Casas is a place with countless activities you can do both there and in its surroundings. Don't miss out on this magical experience and spend a few days in this enchanting town.


Palenque Archaeological Ruins

A longer trip is to visit Palenque ruins, 5 hours by car from San Cristóbal de las Casas. It's definitely worth it. A UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most important sites of Mayan culture.

Explorers have only explored 3% of the total archaeological site because most of it remains hidden in the jungle.

The entrance fee to the archaeological ruins is 80 pesos per person and also includes access to the on-site museum. Children under 13 years old do not pay an entrance fee.


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What are the age requirements to drive a car?

The minimum age to drive a car in Mexico is 18 years old. To rent a car, for drivers aged 18-24 an extra fee may apply.


What do I need to rent a car?

  • Passport or official ID

  • Valid drivers license

  • Credit Card


Can I add an additional driver?

Yes, you can add an additional driver to your rental agreement. The additional driver must have a valid drivers license and be present at the car rental location.


Where is MEX Rent a Car in Tuxtla?

Located at Tuxtla airport (TGZ).

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