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Rent a car in Tulum and discover 10 wonderful places of Caribbean Mexico


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What to do in Tulum?

The answer is very simple; let’s have a look at 10 awesome places in Tulum you cannot miss.


1- Paradise Beach

In general, all the beaches in the Yucatan Peninsula are great, but Paradise Beach stands out and honors its name, because it is literally a paradise. This beach is fantastic due to its turquoise blue waters, plus an incredible marine flora and fauna.

2- Archeological area

The Archaeological Ruins of Tulum are an ancient treasure of the Riviera Maya. According to archeological studies, Tulum ruins have more than 1500 years of construction. These stunning stone structures are known by their aboriginal name, “Zamá”, which means “the place of the dawning sun” in English. However, since the city was walled, the natives named Tulum, Mayan word for "Wall".

3- Cenotes

The Cenotes are well known as Tulum "natural pools", which were formed by Earth movements that also resulted in famous underground rivers. If you are traveling to Tulum, going to the great Cenotes Dos ojos, Gran Cenote, Cenote Azul, and Zacil-Ha, it’s a must!

4- Sian Ka'an and Muyil Biosphere Reserve

This reserve of the biosphere is known as "Puerta del Cielo" (heaven door) in Mayan language. It is located just 10km south of the city of Tulum. It consists of an ecosystem in reserve that harbors thousands of marine species of fauna and flora. You must visit this main attraction of Tulum and admire the greatest of nature.

5- Xel-Há Park

Undoubtedly, within the list of 10 things to do in Tulum, you have to visit Xel-Há theme park. It is an ecological water park that the whole family can enjoy; as it has slides, swimming pools, and recreational activities such as, floating in the rivers, snorkeling, diving, exploring of caverns, cycling routes, hiking, among others.

6- Tulum Downtown

If you want to taste the exquisite and varied cuisine of Tulum, as well as Mayan food and others international varieties, then you should go to Tulum Downtown. Besides, if you want to preserve a tiny piece of this wonderful place culture, you can also find some souvenirs at stores in the area and visit some handy craft shops.

7- Chichen Itza Complex

The archeological ruins of Chichen Itza are known for being part of the 7 wonders of the world, since these archaeological remains show us the architectural and mathematical advances provided by the Mayan civilization 1200 years ago! They will blow you away for sure with their majesty.

8- Lake Bacalar

Also known as "lagoon of the seven colors", it is located at a distance of 200 km south of the city, reason enough to go and rent a car in Tulum and travel to appreciate this wonder. The several colors of this lake are product of the tones of the water that together produce 7 wonderful colors under sunset or sunrise light.

9- Coba Ruins

The main attraction of Coba is the Nohoch Mul pyramid. It is the tallest Mayan building in all Yucatan Peninsula. It is located only 48 km from northwest of Tulum.

10- Mahahual Village

Mahahual is a perfect destination to spend a day at the beach. Here you can practice snorkel, dive, and take a nap in a hammock facing the sea. Moreover, you can also enjoy a beach club for a whole day, which makes it more awesome to visit.


Now that you have more information about all the wonderful places you can visit at the beautiful Yucatan Peninsula, it is time for you to leave your comfort zone, go to our car rental service in Tulum and venture yourself to have the vacations of your life!