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Car Rental in Los Cabos Airport: Frequently Asked Questions


San Jose del Cabo is a beautiful Mexican city located at the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula. It is a popular tourist destination for its colonial charm, stunning beaches, diverse wildlife, and dynamic culture. Renting a car in San Jose del Cabo is the best way to make the most of your trip. You can see the old part of the city, do water sports, visit nearby places, or just relax in the sun.

Following we'll answer 13 common questions you may have when planning to visit this incredible place. In addition, we'll explain why MEX Rent A Car is the best car rental airport located. You'll see how easy is to book your car online.


1. What is there to do in San Jose del Cabo?

San Jose del Cabo offers numerous attractions and activities for visitors to enjoy. For example, explore the lively San Jose del Cabo Art District. It showcases both local and international art. The district is home to numerous galleries.

Additionally, there is a lively Art Walk every Thursday night. This event takes place from November to June. Also, scout the San Jose Estuary's stunning nature. See birds, crocodiles, and turtles while hiking, kayaking, or joining a guided tour.

Don't forget the San Jose del Cabo Organic Market on Saturdays from November to May. Buy fresh food and crafts, and enjoy music, yoga, and workshops. Enjoy the beautiful Cabo beaches like Palmilla Beach, Costa Azul Beach, Acapulquito Beach, and La Playita Beach. You can swim, surf, snorkel, fish, or just relax on their sandy shores.


2. What are some other touristic spots to visit in Baja California Sur?

Baja California Sur is a state full of natural wonders, cultural attractions, and adventure opportunities. Some of the places that you should not miss are:

  • Cabo San Lucas, the sister city of San Jose del Cabo, is famous for its nightlife, marina, shopping, and entertainment options.

  • Cabo Pulmo National Park is a marine reserve that hosts the only living coral reef in North America. You can snorkel among colorful fish, turtles, sharks, and whales in this pristine underwater paradise.

  • La Paz, the capital city of Baja California Sur, has a laid-back vibe, colonial architecture, and a stunning waterfront. You can also take a boat trip to Espiritu Santo Island and enjoy its spectacular scenery.

  • Todos Santos is a charming town that blends art, culture, and nature. You can visit the galleries and museums, and enjoy the surf and sand at Los Cerritos Beach or La Pastora Beach.

  • Loreto is an ancient town where you can see the Jesuit mission of Our Lady of Loreto. Additionally, you can visit Loreto Bay National Park. People know this park for its five islands. Also, you can observe whales and other animals in their natural habitat.


3. What are some fun things to do with a car in Cabo San Lucas?

There are a lot of locations in Cabo San Lucas that offer activities for all tastes and budgets. Some of them are:

  • Take a boat tour to see the Arch of Cabo San Lucas, Lover's Beach, Pelican Rock, and other landmarks. You can also enjoy whale watching (from December to April), sunset cruises, pirate ships, and party boats.

  • Experience the adventure activities such as zip-lining, bungee jumping, ATV riding, camel riding, and more. You can find many options at Wild Canyon Adventure Park or Cabo Adventures.

  • Indulge in spa and wellness services such as massages, facials, body treatments, and more. You can find many options at resorts, hotels, and specialized centers in Cabo San Lucas.

  • Enjoy the nightlife and entertainment options such as bars, clubs, casinos, shows, and more. You can find many options at the Marina, the Golden Zone, or Medano Beach.

  • Buy things at local markets and malls like Puerto Paraiso Mall, Luxury Avenue Mall, Plaza Bonita Mall, and others. You can find souvenirs, handicrafts, jewelry, clothing, and more.


4. What is the best car rental company in Los Cabos International Airport?

For the ultimate car rental experience, choose MEX, the best car rental in San Jose del Cabo. Enjoy the utmost convenience with their easily accessible airport booth and user-friendly online booking options for lightning-fast confirmation.

Our fleet has many vehicles with air conditioning and power steering for a comfortable journey. Enjoy great service from our friendly staff, always ready to help with bookings, check-ins, and even roadside assistance.

MEX Rent-A-Car has affordable prices that include unlimited mileage and different coverage options to meet your needs. In addition, we offer Loss Damage Waiver insurance for your ease.


5. What requirements do I need to rent a car in San José del Cabo?

To rent a car from MEX Rent A Car in San Jose del Cabo, you just need to show these documents.

  • Official identification (passport, for example).

  • Valid Driver's license.

  • Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express are welcome).

You do not need an international driver’s license or a special permit to drive in Mexico. However, you have to respect the traffic rules of the country.


6. What is the minimum age to rent in Cabo?

The minimum age to rent a car in our location in San Jose del Cabo is 18 years old. However, if you are between 18 and 25 years old, there is a special extra charge for under-age ($10 USD).


7. How much does Cabos Airport Car Rental cost?

The cost of car rental in Los Cabos Airport is not the same every time. The car type, travel time, coverage needs, and rental duration determine the variation. For example, a compact car usually costs between $25 and $70 USD per day. But this cost can go up or down depending on many factors.

To find out the exact cost of your rental, you can use our online booking system on our website. Just provide us with your dates, car type, and coverage choice, and we'll display the total cost before you book.


8. What is the recommended typical food in Baja California Sur?

Baja California Sur has a rich and diverse gastronomy that reflects its history, culture, and geography. Some of the recommended typical dishes that you should try are:

  • Fish tacos: fried or grilled fish wrapped in corn or flour tortillas with cabbage, salsa, cream, and cheese. Lime wedges and hot sauce usually accompany them.

  • Chocolate clams: clams cooked in their shells with butter, garlic, cheese, and herbs. Their brown color gives them the name chocolate.

  • Machaca: dried beef shredded and cooked with eggs, onions, tomatoes, and peppers. People usually eat it for breakfast with tortillas or bread.

  • Sopa de almejas: clam soup made with fresh clams, potatoes, carrots, and celery.

  • Damiana: a liqueur made from the damiana plant, a native herb that has aphrodisiac properties. It is usually mixed with lime juice and soda or served as a shot.

  • Coyotas: sweet pastries filled with brown sugar, cinnamon, nuts, or cheese. People usually eat them as a dessert or a snack.


9. What is the best time to visit Los Cabos?

Los Cabos is a year-round destination that offers different attractions and activities depending on the season. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of each season:

  • Winter (Dec-Feb): peak season in Los Cabos, as tourists escape cold weather and enjoy warm, sunny days. Now is the ideal time to spot whales, as they travel to the Sea of Cortez for mating and giving birth. However, it is important to note that this time is also the most expensive and busiest.

  • Spring (March to May): a good time to go to Los Cabos, with nice weather and fewer people. Now is a great time for water activities like surfing, snorkeling, and diving. The water is warm and clear, making it enjoyable. However, this is also the dry season, so you may encounter some dust and wind.

  • Summer (June to August): low season in Los Cabos, hot and humid weather, risk of hurricanes and tropical storms. This is also the rainy season, so you may experience some showers and thunderstorms. However, this is also the cheapest season, so you can find great deals and discounts for flights, hotels, and car rentals.

  • Fall (Sept-Nov): a transitional season in Los Cabos, the weather cools, and humidity decreases. This is also a good time to enjoy fishing, as many species are abundant and active in the Sea of Cortez. It's hurricane season, so check the weather and be ready for cancellations or delays.


10. Is Cabo a safe place to travel to with a family?

Cabo is safe for families, with low crime and a friendly vibe. However, like any other tourist destination, it is advisable to take some precautions and follow some safety recommendations, such as:

  • Avoid walking alone at night or in isolated areas.

  • Keep your valuables in a safe place or leave them at your hotel.

  • Do not carry large amounts of cash or flaunt your jewelry or gadgets.

  • Do not participate in illegal activities or buy drugs.

Follow the instructions and warnings given by the tour guide when participating in water sports or visiting natural locations.


11. How can I rent a car when I arrive at the airport?

Renting a car at Los Cabos Airport with MEX Rent-A-Car is simple and convenient. First, find our booth at Baggage Claim and take our shuttle to our office. Then present your documents, sign your contract, and choose your coverage. 

Pay for your rental and any extras. You will get your keys and car. It is important to check your car for problems.

And now drive anywhere in Mexico with no limits or fees. Return your car and keys to our office before your flight. Get your receipt and deposit back.


12. What are the differences between Cancun and Los Cabos?

Cancun and Los Cabos are both great places to visit in Mexico, but they are different in many ways. Here are some of them:

  1. Cancun is on the Caribbean coast and Los Cabos is on the Pacific coast. They have different weather, scenery, and sea life.

  2. Cancun is hot and humid all year and Los Cabos is warm and dry most of the year. They have different rainy seasons.

  3. Cancun has white sand and turquoise water and Los Cabos has golden sand and blue water. They are good for different water activities.

  4. Cancun has a Mayan culture and Los Cabos has a Spanish culture. They have different histories, art, and traditions.

  5. Cancun has a lively nightlife and Los Cabos has a relaxed nightlife. They have different entertainment options.

You can choose the one that suits you best, depending on what you like and what you want to do.


13. What type of car should I rent in San Jose?

The type of car that you should rent in San Jose depends on your preferences, needs, and budget. MEX Rent-A-Car has a wide range of car types to suit your expectations, such as:

  • Compact cars: cheap and fuel-efficient, perfect for individuals or couples looking to save money and navigate urban areas. They are easy to park and maneuver in traffic, but they have limited space for luggage and passengers.

  • SUVs are big, strong cars for adventurous people who like off-road driving or exploring faraway places. They have lots of room for bags and people, but they might cost more and use more fuel than small cars.

  • Jeeps are exciting cars for people who love adventure and nature. They can drive on any terrain or weather. They have enough space, but they may be more expensive and less fuel-efficient than SUVs.


Why should you choose MEX as your car rental in Cabo?

Getting a rental car in San Jose by MEX is the best way to enjoy your trip. San Jose del Cabo is an amazing place. You can freely and easily explore the city and its surroundings at your own speed and based on what you like. You will also have the quality, service, and price that you deserve.

MEX Rent A Car is more than just a car rental agency. It is your travel partner that will make your experience in Los Cabos unforgettable. So don’t hesitate and book your car online today. You will not regret it.

We hope that this article has answered all your questions about San Jose del Cabo car rental. If you have any other questions or comments, please contact us through our website or social media. We will be happy to assist you.

Thank you for choosing MEX. We hope to see you soon in San Jose del Cabo!