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Cozumel Iternational Airport

Boulevard Aeropuerto Cozumel s/n, 77600

San Miguel de Cozumel, Q.R. 


+52 (33) 4624 2114


Monday to Sunday 8:00 a 20:00

4 reasons why you should visit Cozumel on your next holidays


If we talk about paradisiac places, Mexico has plenty option to satisfy all tastes. One iconic destination among them is Cozumel, one of the favorite places to go for vacations. It counts with all you can possibly need to have a good time; great services, beautiful landscapes, and guaranteed comfort. Here we explain why you should visit Cozumel on your next holidays.

As you arrived to our website, you may be familiar with Mex Rent a Car, a services that handles everything related to your transportation in order to help you travel easily through all your chosen destinations. Apart from this important suggestion, we want to present you 4 reasons to visit Cozumel plus basic information to start your departure.


Cozumel: much more than beaches

Cozumel is the third bigger island of Mexico located in the Caribbean Sea towards the east of the country. Known for its magical landscapes, it receives a great number of tourists every year; besides, it is part of the eleven municipalities of Quintana Roo, situated 62 km from Cancun.

Curiously, its name comes from Mayan language and it is translated as “Land of Swallows”. This island is made of limestone and its highest point above sea level is only 13 meters, so it has many “cenotes”, subterranean water flows.


4 reasons to visit Cozumel:


Attractive parks:

Due to the excellent geographic location of the island, its locals and visitors have many options to admire nature and to practice outdoor and aquatic sports. One of the most famous places you will find is Chancanaab Park, located inside the natural park with the same name.

This park is a natural refuge with the perfect combination of dynamic attractions for adventurous people, and relaxing places for those who want to get away from worries and stress. There, you can visit the Chancanaan lagoon, the botanic garden, and the “Casita Maya”.


Beautiful Landscapes:

This Mexican island is famous for its beautiful beaches. Even when this is a completely good reason to visit, the beauty of Cozumel goes beyond that, because it mixes several elements that make it a perfect place to expend your holidays. On one hand, there are its clear waters, the soft sand, and the richest marine ecosystems; and on the other hand, it counts with excellent tourist services to offer.

If you prefer a place to get away from the crowds, you can go to Isla de la Pasion (Passion Island), located at the north of Cozumel. It is a great combination of Cozumel’s beauty but without high tourist fluency, what makes it perfect to look for peace and comfort. There you can lay in a hammock, eat delicious snacks, and enjoy a good massage by the seashore.


Important historical facts:

The history of this place stretches back to the 2nd century before Christ, with the arrival of indigenous ethnic groups that, according to non-confirmed information, were part of The Caribbeans, a semi-nomadic group that also had presence in other countries of this zone.

Also, during the 2nd century after Christ, the island received the arrival of Mayan groups with sedentary nature, who used to work the land. For this reason, it is frequent to see many tourists with historical interest to visit the island to learn about the ancient pre – Hispanic cultures.


A road trip around the island:

As you already know about our car rental in Cozumel, there is one more option to take your holiday experience to another level. Reserve a vehicle with anticipation and make a road trip around the island! Travel from the port to the south area, pass around beautiful beaches with practically virgin landscapes, and close the best way possible your time at Cozumel.