Locations - Los Angeles Airport

Los Angeles International Airport
6225 W Century Blvd Suite R-100 
Los Angeles, CA. 90045

From México +52 33 4624 2114
Local  +1 800 811 4672


Monday to Sunday 8:00 to 19:00

The best of LA with the best rental car company LAX


The gentle wind from the Pacific Ocean calls your name while palm trees sway and Hollywood sparkles in the California sun. Los Angeles beckons, and MEX Rent A Car is your key to unlocking its endless adventures.

For nearly 30 years, MEX Rent-A-Car has been synonymous with quality, budget-friendly, and a human touch. Mexican car rental company now at LAX and other US spots, plus 20+ countries. MEX allows you to have a worry-free experience in California. You can watch sunsets on Malibu Beach, explore Disneyland, or appreciate the art scene in Downtown L.A.

Forget the hassle of shuttles and taxis and rent a car with the cheap car rental at Los Angeles Airport. When you arrive at LAX, get off your plane and find your vehicle nearby. You can avoid waiting in lines by booking online with MEX. By doing so, you can get the keys quickly and enjoy your freedom.

Ready to paint your own story on this sun-kissed canvas? MEX Rent A Car at Los Angeles International Airport is your brush, the open road your masterpiece. Let's make memories park themselves in the driver's seat.


Sunshine and Dreams: A Tale of Two Centuries in L.A.

Forget the Hollywood glitter, Los Angeles is a story woven from sunshine, dreams, and whispers of history. In 1781, a group of settlers named their humble pueblo "The Town of Our Lady Queen of the Angels of Porciúncula." They did this as they began a new life. This is where Los Angeles' grand adventure truly begins.

This small town, surrounded by hills and the Pacific Ocean, planted the beginnings of a large city. Fast forward a century, and the scent of orange groves gave way to the flicker of celluloid dreams. Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton turned dusty streets into movie sets on a sunny stage during the silent film era. Hollywood used to be a quiet place, but now it's famous for movies and has a relevant impact on film history.

Los Angeles is not just about movies, it's a diverse city where different cultures come together and dreams come true. Boyle Heights murals and Downtown skyscrapers tell stories of immigrants and dreamers who pursued the Californian sun. In this city, small startups become tech companies, and artists create their masterpieces on canvases and walls.

Los Angeles shows the limitless human spirit and the power of dreams becoming real. LA is a unique destination in the United States. As you walk these streets, remember that you're not just in a city. You're entering a story, and your chapter is waiting for you.


LAX: Your Gateway to the Californian Dream

Touchdown in Los Angeles, and the adventure begins. Instead of dealing with airport shuttles and negotiating with taxi drivers, imagine this: you step off the plane. You collect your luggage. And in no time, you're smoothly driving on the Californian highway.

MEX Rent A Car, conveniently nestled at LAX, makes this dream a reality. Forget the long queues and rental counter chaos. MEX's website allows you to choose your vehicle in advance.

After that, all you need to do is collect the keys and begin your journey. Whether you're chasing coastal sunsets or diving into desert canyons, LAX becomes your launchpad, not a frustrating obstacle.

But why rent at the airport? e, of course. No more waiting for elusive taxis. You step off your plane and into your adventure, seamlessly transitioning from jetlag to road trip bliss.

MEX offers affordable prices and a wide variety of cars. They have small cars that are fuel-efficient and spacious cars suitable for family trips. With MEX, LAX isn't just an airport; it's your portal to endless Californian possibilities.


Beyond the City Lights: Day Trips and Culinary Delights

Los Angeles is just the beginning. Drive on the famous Pacific Coast Highway, feel the ocean breeze, and smell the wildflowers. Take a picture with the beautiful El Matador Beach rocks.

You can either explore Catalina Island's ocean paradise or take a road trip to San Diego. In San Diego, Balboa Park has beautiful gardens. Additionally, the renowned San Diego Zoo is full of excitement. (A day trip from LAX to San Diego costs around $30-$50 for gas and tolls, depending on your chosen car).

Fuel your explorations with L.A.'s diverse culinary scene. You can enjoy authentic Mexican flavors in Boyle Heights. You can also quickly grab a delicious In-N-Out burger. Additionally, you have the option to indulge in high-quality food in Beverly Hills.

For lighter bites, explore the vibrant Grand Central Market or trendy food trucks, where global flavors dance on your tongue. You can find budget-friendly meals for around $10-$15, while high-end restaurants can range from $50-$100 per person.


Dreamy Slumbers in L.A.: From Luxe to Budget Bliss

Los Angeles whispers promises of both wild adventures and restful retreats. Whether you're a starlet chasing glamour or a globetrotter on a budget, the city is a perfect haven for you. Ditch the map and explore our curated guide to diverse hotel havens, from iconic legends to friendly economics.

For Hollywood royalty vibes, the ivy-cloaked Chateau Marmont beckons. Imagine rooftop dips with panoramic views, and footsteps echoing past Jim Morrison and Janis Joplin. (Splurge alert: expect around $1,000 a night).

Modern minimalists will swoon over The West Hollywood EDITION. Sleek lines meet cityscapes, and rooftop cocktails at the Sunset Terrace cap off perfect days. (Earthly thrills start around $500).

Nevertheless, rest assured that those seeking a more economical experience can find it! L.A. welcomes all adventurers. Hyatt Place LA/LAX is ideal for families. 

Holiday Inn Express LA Airport West is suitable for quick layovers or budget explorations near LAX. (Hyatt Place starts around $200, Holiday Inn Express dips below $100).

This is just a glimpse of L.A.'s diverse slumber options. From beachside bungalows to trendy boutiques, your Californian dream awaits.

Put on your sunglasses and curiosity. Let Los Angeles relax you into a peaceful sleep. This sleep will prepare you for your next adventure.


Hitting the Road in L.A.: Your Californian Cruising Guide

With a MEX rental car at your fingertips, Los Angeles and its surrounding treasures unfold like a sun-drenched map. But before you hit the gas, let's equip you with some local wisdom to navigate the city like a seasoned Californian.

1. Exploring L.A. and Beyond:

Downtown's Grand Central Market is great for food lovers, and Griffith Observatory has free entry and Hollywood views. Head to Venice Beach for boardwalk antics, or explore the hip Silver Lake scene for trendy cafes and vintage shops.

You can drive along the famous Pacific Coast Highway. You can take pictures at El Matador State Beach's rocks. You can also swim in the beautiful turquoise waters of Malibu. Day trip to Santa Monica for pier fun and Third Street Promenade shopping (around $30-$50 for gas and tolls).

You can enjoy nature in Runyon Canyon for city views and dog-spotting. Another option is to visit Joshua Tree National Park for unique landscapes and stargazing. The cost for gas and park entrance is around $30-$50. Costs around $30-$50 for gas and park entrance.

2. Road Smarts:

Speed Limits: Stick to the posted limits, which vary depending on location. Be aware of photo radar zones, especially near schools.

Roads in California are usually well-maintained, but drivers should expect occasional construction and traffic jams.

Be careful driving on Hollywood Blvd and Fairfax Ave as tourists and paparazzi often create traffic there. Similarly, be cautious in areas with heavy foot traffic like Venice Beach and Downtown L.A.

With these tips in mind, you're ready to cruise through L.A. and beyond like a local. Enjoy the journey and the destination. Embrace the Californian spirit, soak up the sunshine, and let the road work its magic.


L.A.'s Calendar of Color: Dive into Festivals and Events

Los Angeles isn't just a city; it's a pulsating calendar of vibrant celebrations. From award-season glitz to quirky street fairs, there's always something to put a twinkle in your eye and a spring in your step. So, buckle up and get ready to experience the heart of L.A. through its festivals and events:

1. Under the Hollywood Spotlight:

Sundance West: Independent film takes center stage during Sundance West in January. Catch screenings of the next great thing, rub shoulders with rising stars, and soak up the energy of this future-focused festival.

September explodes with the L.A. Film Festival, a cinephile's paradise where international cinema takes center stage. Get ready for new movies, join discussions, and improve your filmmaking skills with workshops.

2. Festival Fun for All:

Griffith Park turns into "Taste of L.A." in May. During this time, you can sample food from over 100 restaurants.

L.A. County Fair: It's a fun summer event in Pomona from September to October. There are rides, games, fried food, and live entertainment. Dust off your cowboy hat and get ready for some country fair fun.

Venice Beach Festival: Get your groove on at the Venice Beach Festival in September. Celebrate art, music, and the unique spirit of Venice with live performances, street vendors, and a kaleidoscope of costumes.

Whether you have a specific plan or not, Los Angeles has something special for you to discover during your trip.


FAQs: Unraveling Your Rental Doubts

  1. Where to find MEX Rent A Car at LAX? To locate MEX Rent A Car at LAX, search for the red signs indicating "Hotel & Private Parking Shuttles" at Terminals 1-7. Afterward, board our purple and white shuttle buses, which operate every 15-20 minutes. Then, take our purple and white shuttle buses, which run every 15-20 minutes. We'll be waiting for you!
  2. What rental cars are available? We boast a diverse fleet, from fuel-efficient compact cars to spacious SUVs perfect for family adventures. Check our website to see our full selection and find the perfect ride for your Californian escapade.
  3. Where do I return the car? No need to wander, simply bring your trusty MEX rental back to the same convenient shuttle pick-up spot at LAX.
  4. Car rental from Los Angeles to San Diego? With MEX Rent-A-Car, you can pick your car up at LAX and drop it off at CBX in San Diego, CA. And also you´ll be able to rent from San Diego to Los Angeles with comfort.
  5. How to Get the Best Deal on Your MEX Rental? Skip the comparison fatigue and book directly through our website! Find us on booking platforms, but for the best rates and easy booking, go to mexrentacar.com. We constantly offer deals and promotions, so keep an eye out for discounts that make your Californian dream even sweeter.


Unwrap the Magic: Book Your MEX Rental Today!

MEX Rent-A-Car in LA offers limitless possibilities and a fresh rental experience on the open road. From the Pacific's glittering horizon to the vibrant tapestry of the city, your Californian adventure awaits. So grab your sunglasses, pack your sense of wonder, and book your MEX rental car today. Let's turn the ignition on unforgettable memories.

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Don't settle for the ordinary. Choose MEX Rent A Car and unlock the extraordinary. See you in sunny California!