Los Angeles Terms & Conditions


At the time of pickup, the customer must present a valid drivers license, proof of insurance and the credit card used to make their reservation. The customer and any additional authorized drivers may be subject to a driving record and license check with the DMV. We reserve the right to deny the rental based on the DMV report. Minimum age to rent is 18. Renters ages 18-21 pay an underage fee of $25.00 per day and renters ages 21-24 pay an underage fee of $20.00 per day. Must return the rental vehicle full of fuel, or at the level the car was first rented. If fuel level is returned less than full, there will be a per gallon charge of $9.75 per gallon. ACE Rent A Car serving Los Angeles airport is protecting renters through the use of our exclusive Video Rental Technology that prioritizes social distancing. Our office is open from 7 am to 10 pm however LAX Airport Shuttle runs from 5 am to 10 pm. All customers can return to our lot and get a shuttle to the airport from 5 am to 10 pm daily. If a customer has changed their plans, needs to leave a car outside of these hours, and needs a shuttle to the airport they should leave the car at: The Parking Space 9800 98th Street Los Angeles, Ca. 90045 Ph 310 337-7275 Cost is 29.99 USD charged to customers contract.


American Express, Diner's Club, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, Carte Blanche and Eurocard are all accepted at the time of rent. No other cards accepted. There will be an authorization on the credit card at the time of rent for a 200.00 USD security deposit, plus the cost of the estimated rental. Debit cards are accepted from airline arriving customers with a round-trip ticket. Driver’s License and credit/debit card must be in the renters name. Debit cards will be authorized for a 300.00 USD security deposit, plus the estimated cost of the rental. Unused Deposit funds taken at time of rent will be refunded through your bank or payment card processor after the vehicle is returned. Due to bank processing, it may take up to 14-days for refunds to appear back in your account. Prepaid/gift cards are not accepted at any time. We do not accept cash as payment for deposits on rentals. Your rental may have state mandated insurance requirements resulting in additional charges. If you live or work in Southern California please read Local Renter Requirements to avoid delays at time of rental.


Renters age 21-24 will be subject to a 20.00/day underage surcharge. Renters aged 18-20 will be subject to a 25.00 per day underage fee. No Additional driver fees. Additional drivers must qualify the same as the renter to drive. Spouse - No additional driver fees will apply. Any form of proof of insurance is accepted as long as the full coverage policy is transferable to the rental. Discount insurance companies are not accepted as they usually will not extend coverage to the rental vehicle.


Vehicles are restricted to the states of California and Southern Nevada. Travel to Mexico is permitted with additional Mexican Insurance purchased at the counter. It is possible to pick up the car at our Cross Border Xpress and/or San Diego locations and drop it off at our office in Los Angeles (and viceversa) for an extra charge of $100.00 plus taxes. Rates may not include any drop off fees, please ask our agents upon pick up for more information.


Local Renters are defined as renters with a residence in Southern California, and Southern California is defined as Santa Barbara to the Mexico border. We are a LAX Airport serving location. Our staff are trained specialists for airport arriving customers. We will however qualify those who live locally if you have a major credit in renter’s name (No Debit Cards Permitted). You must also have a recent utility bill issued in renter’s name within the past 30-days. A security deposit of 500 USD will be held in addition to the estimated total of the rental. Local renters are limited to 100 free miles per day with 0.40 USD per additional mile.


We use a two-shuttle process to pick you up from LAX: 1. Upon arrival to LAX, please proceed outside to the Lower level outer curb and wait under the PINK LAX Shuttle Sign. At that sign you will wait for the G-line bus. Customers will be boarding the rear of the bus. We ask that all customers please wear a face mask. Once you board the bus please inform the driver that you would like to go to the "Remote Rental Car Depot". 2. Upon arrival at the Remote Rental Car Depot, please wait for one of the white ACE Rent a Car vans to arrive and they will bring you to our Location at 8820 Bellanca Ave. Our shuttles run nonstop and are always in circulation during business hours. If you have any questions, please call us at 424-293-1154. LARGE PASSENGER VANS: When picking up Large Passenger Vans such as 12 and 15 passenger units, it is necessary due to shuttle capacity that only the Renter and one other passenger take the shuttle to the pickup counter.


Coverage Plans
LDW - Tier 1 - 17.00 USD per day - Optional
LDW - Tier 2 - 29.00 USD per day - Optional
PAI - 5.99 USD per day - Optional
SLI - 36.99 USD per day - Optional
RSP - 4.99 USD per day - Optional
RLP - 19.99 USD per day - Optional

Tier 1 includes CCAR, CFAR, ECAR, XXAR

Special Equipment
TRH - 25.00 USD
CSI - 9.95 USD per day
CST - 9.95 USD per day
CBS - 9.95 USD per day
NAV - 12.95 USD per day


It is our policy to hold reservations up to four hours beyond the scheduled arrival time, subject to published office hours. If you experience delays, please contact the rental office so that they can make their best effort to extend your reservation.

Daily and Weekend rates are for a 24 hour period.

The quoted rate is valid only for the requested vehicle class for the requested dates and times. Any adjustments or changes to the reservation may result in a change of rate.

Early returns will be charged the regular daily rate, and may not result in a refund.

Transactions are conducted in United States Dollars

Estimated total price includes the vehicle rental (time and mileage) plus applicable taxes and fees. The estimated total price does not include damage waivers, insurance products, special equipment, additional driver fees, driver age surcharges, or any other items not specifically listed in the quotation.