Mex Rent a Car tells you how to use the Cross Border Xpress (CBX)

Now it is easier to cross the U.S. border via Tijuana Airport. The Cross Border Xpress it’s a binational sky bridge that connects the Tijuana Airport with the U.S. border. It is as simple as going up the bridge in Mexico and going down in San Diego.

This way you avoid long lines through the traditional cross points and more important, you save time.

¿How to use?

Guard the boarding pass provided by the airline either printed or digital. Once landing on Tijuana Airport, pick up your luggage and proceed to the binational bridge entrance, where you could acquire your ticket in order to cross. You can buy one-way tickets or round-trip, in case you would like to save some dollars.

It is very important to keep that ticket with you until your return to Mexico since it is the only printed proof you will have to access the bridge.

Once you got your ticket, your boarding pass and passport, follow the signage carefully and proceed to the CBX. This is without exiting Tijuana Airport.

While crossing the bridge you will pass through customs/immigration. Passed that, the first thing you will see is the Mex Rent a Car’s booth where you could rent a car and continue your trip to any part on the United States. It is fast and simple.

Mex Rent a Car drives with you in the United States.


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