All You Need to Know About Tulum International Airport

Welcome to the new gateway to the Caribbean paradise! The Tulum International Airport, inaugurated on December 1, 2023, marks the beginning of a new era for travelers seeking to discover the magic of Tulum. In this blog, we will guide you through the wonders offered by this airport, from its extensive runway to its exclusive services, providing everything you need to plan your next trip.


1. A Sustainable Takeoff

Environmental conservation is a top concern today. That's why the new Tulum International Airport features a 2.3 miles runway, exceeding even the length of runways in Cancun Airport, not only allowing for cargo plane landings but also contributing to more environmentally friendly takeoffs. Get ready to experience a new way of flying!


2. Ample Capacity: Welcoming Passengers!

With an estimated capacity of 5.5 million passengers per year and 32,000 operations, this airport promises to be the new epicenter of tourism in Mexico. What's more, with future plans including three runways and an additional terminal, it could accommodate up to 40 million passengers per year, surpassing even Cancun Airport. Can you imagine this tourism revolution?


3. Tulum Within Reach

If you're concerned about distances, consider that it's only 18 miles from the airport to the heart of Tulum, approximately a 30-minute journey. And if you're curious to explore Playa del Carmen, Bacalar, or even Cancun, the new airport is your ideal starting point.


4. Parking and Energy Illuminating Your Journey

The airport not only welcomes you with open arms but also offers a spacious parking area covered by solar panels. Travel sustainably from the outset, without any additional costs (for now).


5. Connected Destinations to Explore

Currently, Viva Aerobús, Aeroméxico, and Mexicana lead the way in terms of Mexican airlines, but prepare for an expansion of destinations with the confirmed arrival of Volaris and international airlines such as Jet Blue, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Spirit, Air Canada and United Airlines. Dozens of destinations in the United States and Europe will be connected through the Tulum International Airport.


6. Confidence-Inspiring Security

Security is a priority at this new airport, under the supervision of the Mexican National Guard and the Army. Closed circuits and high technology scanners ensure that your journey starts and ends safely.


7. The Tren Maya, Your Connection to the Peninsula

Connectivity is further enhanced with the Tren Maya station built right next to the airport. A vehicular bridge will take you directly to this engineering marvel, connecting the airport with the train terminal, just a few steps from the passenger terminal.


8. FBO: More Than an Airport, a Luxury Experience

For those who prefer private aviation, Tulum Airport offers exclusive services through its Fixed-Base Operator (FBO). From private parking to VIP lounges, this airport redefines the experience of private flights.


9. More Comforts Coming Your Way

Although local businesses are currently limited, cafes, restaurants, gift shops, and much more are expected soon. The complete experience is on the way!


10. MEX Rent A Car: Your Best Choice

Keep in mind that taxi and public transportation options are limited in this destination. Therefore, the best option is to rent a car with MEX Rent A Car. You will find us right after baggage claim, ready to take you on a hassle-free adventure. Renting a car at Tulum Airport is the best way to explore the best of the Riviera Maya. Comfort and freedom from the get-go!


Your journey begins here, book now!


In summary, the new Tulum International Airport is much more than a place of arrival and departure; it is the portal to a journey full of discoveries in Tulum and its surroundings. From the runway to the exclusive services, every detail is designed to make your trip a unique experience. Ready to explore? Reserve your car with MEX and start your adventure! 


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