Cancun: Transformation, Mobility, and a New Experience with MEX Rent A Car


The Riviera Maya is undergoing significant and thrilling changes, and at the heart of this transformation is the recent inauguration of MEX Rent A Car's facilities in Cancun. This gem of tourist mobility not only represents the evolution of the Yucatan Peninsula but also the promise of a unique and exceptional car rental experience in Cancun.


The Future Unfolds in Cancun

From Cancun Airport, the magnitude of the evolution occurring in the Yucatan Peninsula is already visible. The Tren Maya, with its upcoming stations, emerges as a symbol of change and mobility. In Tulum, the new airport warmly welcomes both national and international tourists, while the Jaguar Park adds an ecological and recreational dimension to the region.


A Revolution in Tourist Mobility

At the center of this revolution lies MEX Rent A Car, a company that not only provides cars but also embodies the bold and entrepreneurial spirit of Mexico. Born in 1994 in Baja California Sur, MEX emerged from adversity, transforming into a 100% Mexican brand. The story of growth and passion for creating value demonstrates that what is made in Mexico is well-made. With over 30 destinations throughout Mexico and a presence in 20 countries, MEX Rent A Car is living proof of Mexico's ability to create valuable and high-quality offerings.


December 11th marked a milestone for MEX Rent A Car with the opening of its new offices in Cancun. In an event focused on highlighting the importance of collaboration between the government and the private sector, the presence of Miguel Torruco Marqués, Mexico's top tourism authority, was unprecedented and significant. Government representatives, allied companies like Xcaret, ASUR, and the Car Rental Association of Quintana Roo, joined forces to celebrate this exceptional achievement.


An Oasis of Efficiency and Comfort

The new facilities are not just a place to rent cars; they are a testament to MEX Rent A Car's commitment to comfort and efficiency. Equipped with a state-of-the-art washing tunnel capable of cleaning up to 40 vehicles per hour, the module ensures immaculate cars for every customer. The patio, with space for 400 cars, 6 flowing lanes, and 13 contract counters, streamlines the rental process, significantly reducing wait times. Moreover, with a fleet of nearly 2500 vehicles and amenities such as spacious bathrooms, photo areas, a cafeteria, and customer service by Xcaret, every detail is designed to enhance the user experience.


Embrace the Change in Cancun: Rent with MEX and Transform Your Journey

The new era of MEX Rent A Car in Cancun goes beyond simple car rentals; it promises an unforgettable experience. In this exciting moment of transformation in the Riviera Maya, we invite all travelers to be part of this story. Rent with MEX in Cancun and discover the perfect blend of quality, comfort, and the vibrant spirit of Mexico. The next time you need a car to explore this wonder-filled land, remember: the best choice is car rental in Cancun with MEX Rent A Car. Make your trip a unique and exceptional experience!


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