Celebrating 10 Years of Success: Ten Key Moments of MEX Rent A Car

Ten years ago, a dream was born, and today we celebrate a decade of incredible achievements. MEX Rent A Car has left an indelible mark on the car rental industry, and we couldn't be more excited to share these 10 crucial moments in our journey with you.


Join us as we explore our path of growth, innovation, and commitment in the travel and car rental industry!


1. Foundation of Turismo Gargo

Our story began over 25 years ago with the establishment of Turismo Gargo, the parent company of MEX Rent A Car. For more than three decades, Turismo Gargo had amassed experience working with other multinational brands before creating its own. This rich legacy of knowledge and passion laid the groundwork for the success of MEX Rent A Car.


2. Birth of the MEX Affiliate Program

In 2016, we brought the MEX Affiliate Program to life with a clear goal: to take the quality of our service worldwide. Currently, we have affiliates in 20 countries, spanning Latin America, the United States, and Europe. We take pride in collaborating with partners from around the world to deliver exceptional experiences to our customers.


3. MEX Arrives at CBX

In 2018, we were among the pioneers in commencing operations at Cross Border Xpress (CBX), keeping Mexico and the United States connected while serving our compatriots. We contributed to the uninterrupted flow of travelers between these two nations.


4. Birth of the Sister Brand MAS Rent A Car

Our growth inspired the creation of MAS Rent A Car, a sister brand focused on offering rental services to a younger market, adopting a fresh and technological business model. This sister brand continues to thrive and grow.


5. MEX Overcomes the Pandemic

The pandemic presented an unprecedented challenge for everyone, including MEX. Travel came to a halt, and keeping our staff active proved difficult. However, against all odds, MEX pushed forward and learned from this trial to drive its future growth.


6. Birth of the Sister Brand Autotransportes MEX

Responding to the need to transport our vehicles, Autotransportes MEX was born in 2021—a business vertical offering vehicle transport services on trailers. The logistical success and added value of these operations have attracted many more customers.


7. MEX, a Pioneer at AIFA

With a forward-looking vision, MEX was among the few brands that established a presence at Airport International Felipe Ángeles (AIFA) and has gradually witnessed the increase in passengers and demand for rental services. We now have modules in both domestic and international arrivals.


8. Approval of the #ArrendamientoSeguro Initiative in Sonora

A significant milestone. Thanks to the invaluable support of the women working at MEX, the #ArrendamientoSeguro initiative was approved in Sonora, providing authorities with the necessary tools to combat trust abuse in car rentals.


9. New Facilities at Cancun International Airport

An ambitious project, the result of the brand's long-standing presence in the Caribbean destination. MEX inaugurates a modern, spacious, and comfortable office in Cancun, focused on customer satisfaction. It features special technology such as a car wash tunnel, optimized climate control, and a queue system. Additionally, it offers extensive gardens, waiting areas, and amenities like restrooms and a cafeteria.


10. 10th Anniversary of the Brand

We look back with satisfaction and pride, learning from our mistakes. We look ahead with enthusiasm, with a firm commitment to continuous improvement and to demonstrate who we are and how we create value.

In these 10 years, MEX Rent A Car has experienced exceptional growth, faced challenges, and demonstrated an unwavering commitment to excellence. These 10 key moments are just the beginning of our journey. We thank our customers, partners, and employees for their continuous support, and we eagerly anticipate the next decade of success and adventures in the world of car rental.


Join us as we continue to build the future together!


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