Travel to Merida, a place of culture, flavors, and mysticism.

Merida, capital of Yucatan and surrounded by many attractions such as Magic Towns, Mayan ruins and cenotes, is a city that you must visit. Known for its colors and flavors that come to life in every corner, and its gastronomy that is definitely something you cannot miss due to its Mayan heritage. Located in the southeast region of the country and an excellent starting point for you to explore the surroundings. The best way to do this is by renting a car with Mex Rent a Car directly at the Merida International Airport, where you will find options according to your needs and at the best rates. Here we tell you some of the places that we suggest you visit and exquisite dishes that you cannot miss.

Yucatan gastronomy is recognized for its Mayan heritage and its influence due to having communication to other continents, countries and cities that traveled through its ports, being one of the most diverse cuisines in Mexico. Enjoy Yucatecan gastronomy, some dishes that we recommend are panuchos, salbutes, cochinita pibil, baked suckling pig, Yucatecan kibi, lime soup, black stuffing, poc chuc, papadzules, stuffed cheese and if you want to enjoy a dessert, we recommend the traditional marquesitas with the typical edam cheese. Do not limit yourself and try one of the most recognized cuisines for its mixture of cultures and that still maintains the heritage of one of the most important civilizations of Pre-Hispanic Mexico.

Here we share some places that you can visit on your trip:


Without hesitation, arriving at the Merida International Airport and renting with Mex Rent a Car will be the beginning of your trip, do not worry about transport and move wherever you want. Merida has a lot to offer to get to know this city full of culture, colors, and flavors.

  • Paseo Montejo: One of the famous walks for you to admire the mansions of the colonial era and that will also take you to the Montejo Palace, which now houses a historical-cultural museum.
  • Palacio Canton: Place that houses the Regional Museum of Anthropology of Yucatan, definitely a place where past and present coexist in great harmony.
  • Monument to the Fatherland: Don't miss this monument carved directly in stone that through its elements will tell you the history of Mexico.
  • MACAY Museum: Museum dedicated to the dissemination of modern and contemporary art.
  • Enjoy the gastronomy of Yucatan and stroll through the historic center.


A 29-minute drive from Merida is the archaeological zone of Dzibilchaltun, which was one of the most important Mayan settlements in the area due to its temporality in the Yucatan Peninsula. Here you will find the Pueblo Maya Museum, with Mayan and Spanish vestiges that represent a historical moment. The Xlacah cenote, which still preserves its beauty and its transparent waters, is where the first people of that region settled and which precisely bears the name that means "old town". This place will take you on a journey to the past, where astrology comes to life inside the buildings.


An excellent place to practice ecotourism, located 1 hour and a half by car from Merida and perfect for discovering the natural charms of the Ria Celestun Biosphere Reserve. Famous for its sighting of the pink flamingo. If you like bird watching, Celestun will be the perfect place for you, where you will have the opportunity to see a show of birds from all over the continent from Canada to Patagonia that travel to this place in spring and summer.

Uxmal and Kabah

A trip of approximately 1 hour by car from Merida that you cannot miss is Uxmal, an archaeological zone and declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The beauty of the palaces and the majestic Mayan architecture will not disappoint you as it has one of the purest and most majestic Mayan architectures in Yucatan.

After discovering the wonders of Uxmal, you can take a trip in your car to Kabah, which is 20 minutes from the place. An ancient settlement and known as the second Puuc style religious center, which was one of the most important architectural styles developed by the Mayans in this region. At the time, Uxmal and Kabah coexisted during the 9th and 10th centuries and were linked by a road.


The city of the three cultures and considered a Magic Town, it is located 1 hour and 20 minutes from Merida by car. A city that combines the pre-Hispanic past, the colonial era and merges with the present. We recommend taking a walk to its parks, squares, convents, pyramids, and chapels that represent syncretism through harmony. Izamal has many stories to tell and above all it is a very important place to understand the conjunction of 2 different cultures and how in the present they remain alive in the customs and traditions of the Yucatecans, a past that lives in the present.

Chichen itza

Certainly, the cultural importance of Chichen Itza cannot go unnoticed if you travel to the Mexican Southeast, located 1 hour and 30 minutes by car from Merida and 2 hours and 40 minutes from Cancun, where you can also find us at the Airport to rent a car. This place is known for its magical play with light and shadow that is perfectly oriented and astronomically aligned, and also represents the architectural knowledge that this great civilization had. All this makes Chichen Itza one of the Wonders of the World since 2007. One of the main events in the place is known as the Spring and Autumn Equinox, where due to its construction, on March 21 and September 21 at sunset, the rays are located at the ends of the steps, projecting a snake figure that descends until it connects with the feathered head that is in the lower part of the structure.

Traveling to Merida and its surroundings will be easier by renting a car with Mex Rent a Car, remember that we have a variety of options and types of vehicles that are suitable for your travel experience. Don't miss out on these and other wonders that Mexico has for you. You can book directly on our page or call +52 (33) 4624 2114 where one of our agents will recommend the best option for you.


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