We are celebrating Mex Rent a Car's 5th anniversary!

Here at Mex Rent a Car, another year has gone by. We are very proud of our achievements and want to thank everyone who has helped us reach this milestone.

Because mobility is essential for anyone who wants to travel, we are always willing and one step ahead to provide our customers the best car rental service throughout the Mexican territory.

If you enjoy traveling alone or with your family, for either business or pleasure, you need comfortable, safe and guaranteed transportation. That way you can rest assured that you will not encounter any troubles during your trip...

Mex Rent a Car's goal is for your complete satisfaction when you rent a car. Our car rental becomes your ally whenever and wherever you need it. Over the past 5 years; each and everyone of our team members has worked hard to grow and always maintain the service quality that is well known by our past, present and future clients.

There are many reasons to rent a car in Mexico

Here in Mexico, our rich cultural heritage makes us feel prouder every day. It is the perfect setting to start a business which has become prosperous yielding excellent results thanks to our clients' trust, our team's hard work and our suppliers' persistency. Hence, we praise Mexico’s talent renown worldwide for its warmth and helpfulness.

We live in a globalized era in which great advances regarding people's comfort and safety occur on a daily basis. Automotive technology has been one of our greatest allies because it guarantees quality for our consumers and upholds our roots and ancestral values all in vehicles with the latest technology.

Our ground rule is to provide our customers with forms of vehicular mobility that adapt to their needs and wants. We count with a vast array of vehicles and the latest technology produced in Mexico which allows us to solve any problem that might occur on the road...

We want to express a hearty thanks to our clients and users!

On our 5th anniversary, we want to thank all our users for trusting our cars and our service, because without them, this vehicle rental project would not have grown and bloomed. Therefore, our business first pillar lies on all those travelers who need optimal services while on the road. Taking into account that vehicular mobility is very important for everyone who likes to get around while travelling.

We also acknowledge that the engine that drives us to improve the quality of our service is knowing that we count with recognition from our consumers, in the Mexican car rental competitive market. So, this is a special thanks to all of you for using our cars. Moreover, we would like to thank the entire English-speaking community for trusting our company. And finally, our gratitude is for the entire community of tourists, who year after year visit our beautiful country to get to know our culture, history and artistic expressions.

Our team is the engine converting power into action!

On the other hand, we want to highlight the hard work of each and every one of the members of the Mex Rent a Car family. Each and every one of us has the best disposition to provide our clients with optimal car rental assistance. Reason why, we give a word of acknowledgement and praise to our entire team, who make up the second pillar of our business and who have contributed over these past 5 years to the collective success of Mex Rent a Car.

Strong alliances have led us hand in hand to where we are

Strong alliances with our automotive suppliers are part of the third pillar of our institution. They help us maintain and offer up-to date and guaranteed service. We highly appreciate their trust, scaffolds, technical support and all the kindness each of our commercial partners offers us. We hope to maintain these strong business ties and hope they become sturdier.

Finally, on the occasion of our 5th anniversary celebration, we are pleased to carry this message out to all who have made business and human growth possible for our Car rental network throughout the Mexican territory.

Thank you for joining us throughout this journey.


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