Albania Terms & Conditions


Our company representative will be waiting at TIA Arrivals, holding a sign with the company name and logo. From there, a shuttle service to our offices is provided. Please call 355698037777 for more pick up instructions.


Each additional driver costs $6.00 USD per day plus taxes. Maximum of 2 additional drivers per rental agreement.


Minimum 21, maximum 73. An additional charge of $6.00 USD per day plus taxes will apply for renters between 21 and 23 years old. The driving license must have at least 1 year of issuing.


If your booking was confirmed through the website or through our Call Center at +52 (33) 4624 2114, please use the same channel to request your cancellation. If your booking was confirmed through a third-party website (broker, online travel agency, etc.) please use the same third-party website to request your cancellation. Some third-party sites have cancellation fees if the booking is not cancelled within certain period of time. Mex Rent a Car will not be responsible for such cancellation fees.


Deposit required can be from $0.00 to $1,100.00 USD depending the car class and the insurance included in your rental. Please ask for more information at the counter.


The driver must always be in possession of the original driving license. the driving license must be valid upon pick up of vehicle and its expiry date must be later than the drop off of vehicle. No cancellations and/or erasures must be present on the driving license. No amendments and/or adjustments are allowed unless they are certified (with date and stamp) by an appropriate Authority. The driving license must report the driver`s photo and signature. To drive in Albania, all driving licenses issued by countries member of the European Community are valid but the driver must be in possession of a valid passport as well. As far as concerns all driving licenses issued by any country not member of the European Community, the driver must be in possession (together with the driving license, of course) of a proper International Driving Permission whose validity is of 1 year so it needs to be in regular course of validity. All driving licenses reporting non-latin characters (e.g. arabian, chinese, japanese, cyrillic and so on) are not accepted unless they have been translated by the Embassy or Consulate in latin characters. In no cases military driving licenses, temporary driving licenses, copies of driving licenses are accepted.


Due fluctuations on the currency exchange rate, have in mind that the total charged on your credit card might differ from the total displayed on our website. The difference (if any) will depend on the currency exchange rate between the moment when the booking was made and the moment when the charge is reflected on your credit card statement. On the event we have to refund any amount to your account, we will refund the exact same amount charged originally and we will not be responsible for any currency fluctuation that may occur and that results in a higher or lower refund than the one expected.


Vehicles must be returned with the same amount of fuel as at the start of rental to avoid refueling charges.


Customer shall not use and/or drive the vehicle and/or allow it to be used or driven in Countries other than Albania, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia (FYROM) and Greece. It is strictly forbidden to drive the vehicles in countries other than the one listed. In any case to drive outside Albania territories a prior written authorization is required. Customer can drive the vehicle in mentioned territories only with international driving permission, but I these cases you have to inform us 3 working days before the arrival. Out of border fee cost $55.00 EUR per rental. If the customer crosses the border without notifying the company, a penalty will be charged Euro. Customer is responsible for any kind of problem which occurs outside Albania and for necessary documentation/procedure needed while abroad.


Reservations will be honored for a period of 2 hours after the confirmed pick up date and time. After this period, we cannot guarantee the reserved vehicle, but you can be sure we will do everything in our power to provide you with a vehicle.


You will be able to select one of the following additional coverages at time of rental:

TPL Third Party Liability: Covers up to $180,400.00 USD ($20`000,000 ALL) on damages to third parties. It is included in all rates.

CDW Collision Damage Waiver: Cover damages to the rented car with a 20% deductible per event. It is included in certain rates, please review your confirmation for further assistance.

PAI Personal Accident Insurance: First category costs $8.00 USD per day plus taxes and is applicable for Mini, Economy and Compact vehicles. PAI second category costs $11.00 USD per day plus taxes and is applicable for all categories higher than Compact. LIMITED $3,000.00 USD for the first category (Mini, Economy, Compact) and $4,000.00 USD for the second category (higher than compact).

RSA Roadside Assistance: 24 hour roadside assistance. In the unfortunate event of an accident, the customer must immediately inform the office by contacting the following number 355 69 80 37 777. Our staff will immediately organize the tow truck service within the Albanian territory. In case of any damages resulting from neglicence by the driver, which includes but is not limited to wrong refueling, frozen fuel, etc., the customer will be held responsible to pay all costs to recover the car, including the tow truck service.


Unlimited for rentals less than 28 days. For rentals of more than 29 days, the limit is 3,500 Km/30 days.


Please do not smoke inside the vehicle. If any smoke is detected, a cleaning fee will apply.


One Way deliveries or/and collections are always on request and availability of this service and price will be explained at the Rental Desk. The Client should make a request 7 days before service depends on the pick-up and drop of locations. Delivery/collection is always paid locally. Out of the city limits charges will apply depending on the distance.


Rates that are impacted by a website technical issue, database issue or other means will not be honored by the location if the rate display was inaccurate due to a technical issue or tampering issue to change the rate display.


Children under the age of 4 are required to travel in child seats. There is a charge of $9.00 USD per day plus taxes for child seats. If the seat is not returned in the same condition, less normal wear and tear as received, a cleaning fee will be assessed. If the seat is damaged, a repair or replacement charge will apply. Winter Tires are available at $7.00 USD per day plus taxes. Please ask at the counter in case these tires are needed.


The following credit cards are accepted: Visa, MasterCard.


Mex Rent A Car reserves the right not to deliver the vehicle if it considers that the driver is not able to drive or if driver does not comply with the rules described on these terms, even if the booking has been pre-paid. Therefore, it is very important that you familiarize the terms and the documents that need to be presented at pick up. For more information, please contact us at +52 (33) 4624 2114.


All customers should present the following documents in order to proceed with the rental:

  • Official ID (INE or Passport).
  • Valid Driver’s License.
  • Credit Card.

The same credit card or same cardholder cannot be used to rent two or more vehicles within the same time period. All out of hours pick-ups and drop-offs must be priorly requested to the office and are subject to confirmation by our office staff. All pick-ups within 1 hour after the closing time will generate a charge of $17.00 USD plus taxes. All pick-ups from 1 hour onwards after the closing time will generate a charge of $22.50 USD plus taxes.