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Guadalajara International Airport
Av. Hangares #13,
Tlajomulco, Jal. 45659.


+52 (33) 4624 2114


Monday to Sunday 24 hours.

Car Rental at Guadalajara Airport with MEX


Guadalajara is Mexico's second biggest city and the capital of Jalisco, a state famous for its culture, tequila, and mariachi. It is a perfect destination for travelers who want to explore the history, architecture, gastronomy, and nature of this region.

But to make the most of your trip, you may want to rent a car and drive around the city and its surroundings. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers that will help you plan your car rental at Guadalajara Airport.


What are some must-visit places in the city?

As you will see, GDL has many attractions to offer within its historic center and also in the neighboring city of Zapopan. Some of the must-see places are:

  • Guadalajara Cathedral: This impressive building is one of the symbols of the city and has two towers with yellow domes that stand out in the skyline.
  • Basilica of Our Lady of Zapopan: This is another religious landmark that houses the image of the Virgin of Zapopan, the patron saint of Jalisco.
  • Hospicio Cabañas: This is a cultural center that was founded in 1791 and that hosts exhibitions and events. The highlight is the mural by José Clemente Orozco, one of Mexico's most famous painters, that covers the main dome.
  • Tlaquepaque: This is a charming town that is famous for its pottery, handicrafts, and art galleries. You can stroll along its colorful streets, visit its colonial buildings and enjoy its lively atmosphere.


What are nearby places to visit from the city?

Guadalajara is also a great base to explore other destinations in Jalisco and beyond. Some of the best places to visit near the city are:

  • Tequila: This is the town where the famous liquor of the same name is produced. You can take a tour, learn about the process of making tequila, and taste different varieties.
  • Lake Chapala: This is a popular lake in Mexico. You can enjoy its scenic views, relax on its beaches, take a boat ride, or visit some of the charming towns along its shores.
  • Guachimontones: This is an archaeological site that features circular pyramids built by an ancient civilization that predates the Aztecs.
  • Puerto Vallarta: This is one of Mexico's most popular beach destinations, located along the Pacific Ocean. You can enjoy its sunny weather, sandy beaches, turquoise waters, and lively nightlife.


Where to rent a car in Guadalajara?

There are many options to rent a car in Guadalajara, but one of the best ones is MEX Rent A Car, a company that offers quality service, competitive prices, and convenient rental locations. You can rent a car with MEX at any of their three branches in the city:

  • At Guadalajara International Airport.
  • In Chapalita. You can find MEX's office on #1923, López Mateos Av.
  • On Américas Av. Find our office on #861, Américas Av.


What requirements do I need to rent a car in GDL?

To rent a car with rental company MEX in Guadalajara, it is only necessary to present:

  • Official identification: This can be your passport.
  • Driver's license: as long as it is current and matches your ID.
  • Credit card: This is required to cover the security deposit that will be reimbursed once you return the vehicle. MEX accepts Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.


What is the minimum age to rent in Guadalajara?

The minimum rental age with MEX in Guadalajara is 18 years. If you're 18-25, there's an additional $10 USD per day charge (plus taxes and fees). This extra will be considered for the entire rental period.


Where to change dollars in Guadalajara?

You can change digitally in most banks, using their online platforms or mobile apps. You will need to have an account with them and a debit or credit card.

You can change in person in one of the many exchange houses within the city. You can change at the airport, but this is not recommended as it is more expensive. I could make you pay extra taxes and fees may apply).


What is the typical food of Guadalajara?

Guadalajara is known for its delicious and varied cuisine. Some of the typical dishes that you should try are:

  • Birria: This is a spicy stew made with goat or lamb meat. It is cooked slowly in a sauce of dried chilies, herbs, and spices.
  • Torta ahogada: This is a sandwich made with a crusty bread roll filled with pork meat, beans, cheese, and avocado. It is then dipped or "drowned" in a tomato-based sauce that can be mild or hot.
  • Carne en su jugo: This is a dish made with beef strips cooked in their own juice. It is served with tortillas, cheese, and salsa.
  • Jericalla: This is a dessert similar to flan or custard but with a caramelized top. It is made with milk, eggs, sugar, and vanilla.


Rent a car with MEX and explore the best of GDL!

Guadalajara is a wonderful city that has something for everyone: culture, history, nature, gastronomy, and fun. To enjoy it fully, renting a car is a smart choice that will give you freedom, comfort, and flexibility. And to rent a car in Guadalajara Airport Car Rental Zone, MEX Rent A Car is your best option. Visit our website or call our phone number +52 (33) 4624 2114 to make your reservation today!