Rent a Car in Guadalajara Easily and Get to Know Its Touristic Attractions

brIf you arrive to the Capital of Jalisco State and do not know how to move around in a comfortable, economic and safe way, do not worry, we will show you what is the best and the most convenient option to rent a car in Guadalajara, Mex Rent a Car has all that you need, we are a company committed in offering quality service, which will allow you to save a lot of money, time and be stress free. We know how important it is for all travelers to get from one place to another.

For these reasons, we will tell you all you need to know for renting vehicles easily if you are going to the beautiful Guadalajara City for either business or pleasure.

Here, we have some recommendations for you, to consider when in Guadalajara!

Documents what you must have to drive in Jalisco State

For legal purposes, it is mandatory that you have these:

-Driver’s license

-Identification document or passport

-Credit card.

If your documents are in order, you will not encounter any problems because the process will be very easy…

Our service has the best insurance!

-Third Party Liability up to $750,000 MXN.

-Unlimited Mileage.

-Collision Damage Waiver with a 10% Deductible.

-Total Theft Protection with a 10% Deductible.

-All Taxes and Fees.

-Free Cancellation.

Where can you rent a car in Jalisco?

Renting a car in Jalisco is very easy, Mex Rent a Car has three agencies in Guadalajara:

1- First, you can rent a car in Guadalajara Airport. This agency is located at Av. Hangares, Tlajomulco, Guadalajara.

2- The second agency to rent a car in downtown Guadalajara is located at Av. Adolfo Lopez Mateos #1923 Guadalajara.

3- And, you can also rent a car at the Av. De Las Américas #861, Italia Providencia Guadalajara.

Now, as you can see, renting a car in Guadalajara is a simple process. If you need more data about our services, we have a Call Center where you will  our operators are ready to answer all your doubts regarding booking, offered vehicles and prices, call us to this phone number +52 (33) 4624 2114.

What vehicles can you rent?

Our automobile stock is wide, to suit all your needs and preferences. Today, we recommend you to rent a van in Guadalajara because this kind of vehicle is perfect to move to anywhere. It is very spacious and comfortable for big families or groups.

Museums and touristic attractions to visit in Guadalajara

You can visit several wonderful places like natural parks, museums, and nightclubs… if you want distraction, you will get it in this cosmopolitan city.

1- Guadalajara Metropolitan Park

It is a decentralized public park in Jalisco State. If you like practicing sports and fitness workouts. It has all necessary facilities, if you want to get a break, this metropolitan park is perfect for you, just enjoy it!

2- Guadalajara Zoo

Guadalajara Zoo is one of the most important parks in Jalisco, it is located at Paseo Zoologico 600, Clazada Independencia Norte.

3- The Rotonda de los Jaliscienses Ilustres

In this impacting monument you can find Jalisco’s history and heritage. It represents and honors the memory of the state’s most famous people who have transcended their time. This monument is located in downtown Guadalajara next to the Cathedral of Guadalajara

4- Museum of Arts University of Guadalajara

It was founded on October 1994, currently it is part of the University of Guadalajara’s grounds. Its main attraction is the Renaissance architecture which finds its origins in France’s buildings from this time period. If you are passionate for the arts then you must get to know this museum.

5- Museum of Paleontology Guadalajara

This museum was inaugurated on February 2000. It has many halls, which show a part of the Pleistocene fauna from the west of Mexico. The museum has seven permanent exhibition halls and a temporal one.

If you like  art, culture, entertainment, science and history, you must go to Guadalajara, because it is the ideal city, but don’t miss out on all it has to offer using the most comfortable, economic and safe way to rent a car in Guadalajara.


Rent a car in Guadalajara


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